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The card

For signing up, receive your card

Turbo Tax Refund Card and What is?

Turbo Tax Refund Card is a convenient way to get your tax refund. See Also instant payday loans for disabled . Turbo Tax Refund Card is a prepaid VISA debit card reload can be used anywhere VISA debit is accepted.

Can be deposited to the bank account, waiting for confirmation instead of paper or card instead of your tax refund directly to the right. See Also instant payday loan lenders uk . You will get a refund fast - in time of 7 days, as well as a small number of electronic files.

Learn more about turbo tax refund card .


What is the difference than Turbo Tax Refund Card Gift Card How?

Unlike a gift card, turbo tax refund card, it can be in addition to that you are an individual with your name to the purchase, make a withdrawal ATM, then reload.


Turbo tax refund is the difference other than credit card card What is it?

Turbo tax refund card, meaning that there is a need to add money to the card for you to use it, which is prepaid. It does not provide a credit line as a credit card.


Turbo tax refund Do you have my card how does it work?

Decided to put some or all of the tax refund on a card at a time, we are, and to sign up for the program, step-by-step instructions to prepare for a refund of the deposit to the card. You can mail your return as soon as it continues to print or electronic file. Check out also instant approval loans usa . Turbo tax if that requires a direct deposit routing and account numbers, we use the number that is associated with an exclusive new turbo tax refund your card. If you choose to direct deposit to your card, these numbers will be generated automatically. Check out also installments loans without credit checks .

In general, you should receive a new card in the mail within 7-10 days from the day you signed up. See Also installment loans no credit chrc . When the refund will be loaded into the turbo tax refund on your card, you will be notified by text message or e-mail (if you have selected an option that you have to sign up) that your funds are available. Then, follow the instructions that are located on a sticker on your card, your card, you can activate online or by phone.

Using your card, or problems is to get the aid, please check the following options.

  • Issued before October 17, 2011, beginning with 485,245 for the card number, please contact customer service on the 1 -866 -963 -1620
  • The card begins with the number 4034471 and issued after October 17, 2011, please contact customer service on the 1 -866 -543 -9160

Note: If part of the federal tax refund is deposited on a turbo tax refund card, You can even deposit your state tax refund money to the card.


Fees and conditions associated with the turbo tax refund card What is?

Charge issue

Monthly fee

  • The first month free
  • When you have an available balance of at least $ 50 of the last day of the billing cycle, monthly fee will be waived
  • Otherwise, the $ 5.95 per month

Signature or PIN debit transactions

Cash refund

  • Free ATM withdrawals of one Allpoint ATM
  • Free cash in the drawer, when you request a "cash back" during the (available) Check-out
  • Can be in addition to $ 2.50 for ATM cash withdrawals and teller drawer of all of the other, the owner of the ATM to claim, (free of charge from the ATM owner Allpoint ATM) of any fee
  • Balance inquiry is, it took $ 0.50. * You or a text, always by phone, you can check the balance online freely.

Other expenses

  • : $ 4.95 replacement card lost / stolen
  • : $ 4.95 second card
  • When you reload the card with direct deposit, and is free of charge. When you reload the card at retail stores, will cost up to $ 4.95
  • If you use your card outside of the 50 United States, a charge equivalent to 3% of transaction amount will be applied

Please see cardholder agreement for details, and so on.

* There is a message and when the data rate will be applied


If I have bad credit, can I get a tax refund turbo card yet?

Yes. When you sign up for your tax refund turbo card, you do not need any credit check. Check out also instant approve 200 payday loan .


How do I get a tax refund turbo card like?

You can sign up to the right of the card of turbo tax. You are after to prepare the tax, are preparing to file, it will show the screen on the turbo tax refund card, you will be able to select as an option in order to get your refund .


How can I put a refund of my prepaid debit card or other card existing turbo tax refund. See Also quick cash loans?

Yes. If you are given a choice of refund, select the direct deposit, enter your card's bank name, routing number, account number.


How can I receive a tax refund turbo card when. Check out also instant payday loans 1 lender ?

You, you typically need to receive the turbo tax refund your card within 7-10 days from the date you signed up for the card. Check out also direct payday lon lenders . If you do not receive the card after 10 days, please check the following contact options.

  • For cards that are issued prior to (2009 or 2010 turbo tax) October 17, 2011, please contact customer service on the 1 -866 -963 -1620
  • For cards that are issued after the (Turbo Tax 2011) October 17, 2011, please contact customer service on the 1 -866 -543 -9160


I have applied for a tax refund turbo card, I have not received it yet. What's going on?

7 to 10 days for your card is let to arrive after you apply to the card. If you do not receive the card after 10 days, please select the option to report the card to verify the following support information, loss, theft, have not received. Please prepare (available from the confirmation email you received after you've ordered the card) of your social security number and confirmation number. See Also instant approval personal installment loans .

  • For cards that are issued prior to (2009 or 2010 turbo tax) October 17, 2011, please contact customer service on the 1 -866 -963 -1620
  • For cards that are issued after the (Turbo Tax 2011) October 17, 2011, please contact customer service on the 1 -866 -543 -9160


Will my refund turbo tax do not have to refund my card why?

You, upon completion of the federal tax return, Turbo Tax is the date that you receive a refund on the basis of the IRS refund cycle chart has been estimated. If you are supposed to be electronic submission, the refund of the federal government, usually, within 14 days from the 7th to be accepted by the return of you (if you decide to mail 6-8 weeks, your return) IRS will be deposited directly on the card. (If you can be contacted when you have to sign up for the card is requested) that the refund when you are loaded into the turbo tax refund on your card, that money is available, notified by SMS text message or e-mail will be.

If you want to check the status of the refund, please refer to the IRS Web site at and select "Where's my refund."

Processing time for a refund of state changes from state to state. You can as a general rule, expect a refund of state tax within 30 days from the date of your return has been successfully sent.


I can split the refund, for example, put a few in some of my bank account and card turbo tax refund. See Also installment loans lender site ?

Yes. When you have signed up to the turbo tax refund card, select the check box you can split a refund. You can in addition to your primary account, select up to four different accounts. Is considered to be the primary card account refund.


Is there a limit to the amount of refund can be deposited on the turbo tax refund card?

No, there is no limit.


If I order a card, but what will happen, Why do not you pass efile my tax returns I, or be denied?

When you sign up for your tax refund turbo card, the request is processed, regardless of your card, whether you have submitted your declaration will be sent to you on that same day. Until your return is accepted, your money shall be authorized for payment directly to the card is not available. You, however successful electronic file, if your return is rejected, you will need to resolve the error e-filing, to be sent again. If you send electronic files to pass does not go, you will need to resend your return to make sure that it has been submitted.


Did I denied because of tax refund turbo card why?

We must comply with regulatory requirements in order to be able to verify the identity of our customers. Check out also instant loan 100 . We are using an external source to verify the validity of your personal information.

If you have any of your personal information or incorrect customer fails to validate, and are not consistent with the information retrieved from an external source changes and / or.

There is a possibility of a failed validation is caused by, but are not limited to these.

  • Address change
  • Recent name change, ie, marriage and divorce
  • Spell words that contain personal information is incorrect
  • Information could not be found by an external source

If you fail to verify that you can not reload personal card you receive will be notified. If you do not pass validation Unfortunately, we can activate the card for you is not allowed.

At this point, you can choose another way to receive your tax refund.


Amount was deposited on my new card, the refund amount was provided by Turbo Tax is not the same. Why is that?

If you determine that the IRS is borrowed to pay back taxes and child support you, the amount of deposit refund is not what you looked forward to the card. IRS is allowed to retrieve them from the refund before it is sent to you.


How can I get the turbo tax refund more than one card?

No, you do not sign up for the card at any time. You are, however, to split the refund between the different prepaid card refund tax turbo new card, you might already have, you can choose.


How can I share with family and friends, get a second card of the same account?

Yes. Turbo Tax refund your card when you arrive, you have the option to request a second card to give to friends and family. There are both the same account number of your card and second card. So, both cards, you will be able to access the available funds loaded on the account. The second card and the cost of $ 4.95 monthly fee, additional for that card is not available.


How can I call a number, such as how to obtain further support of turbo tax refund card?

Using your card, or problems is to get the aid, please check the following options.

  • Issued before October 17, 2011, for cards that begin with (which was issued in 2009 or 2010 turbo tax) 485 245 number, please contact customer service on the 1 -866 -963 -1620
  • (Turbo Tax, published in 2011) for the card that begins with, please contact customer service on the 1 -866 -543 -9,160 4,034,471 and the number issued after October 17, 2011


My state, issue the refund of my prepaid debit card, can I get more information here?

Have to distribute the refund in a particular state debit card is issued directly from the state. If you have any questions about the status of your refund received a state-specific card, card, or this, please contact them directly.

  • New York :518 -457 -5149
  • Georgia :877 -423 -6711
  • :225 -219 -0102 Louisiana
  • :800 -522 -8165 Oklahoma
  • Connecticut :860 -297 -5962
  • :803 -898 -5709 South Carolina


When I thought it was free it, I see a charge card $ 29.95 Why?

You fee that is referenced is for our commission refund processing fee is deducted from the refund turbo tax charge for $ 29.95. This is the turbo tax refund card does not matter. There is no charge to get the card.


Why is Intuit Turbo Tax card fraud prevent it?

Intuit is its only legitimate card holders, in order to be able to receive tax refund turbo card they receive a refund to make sure that you have a control fraud detection and prevention.
If you protect cardholder legitimate, we are to ensure that to prevent fraud, card refund of Turbo Tax has shown the type of suspicious activity associated with the fraud in general, We, as can be the transaction is not carried out, on hold (for example, to add card payment, the funds) to the card.


Is my card I have been put on hold and it legitimate customer of turbo tax card?

In a few cases, we hold on the card of some regret that there is a possibility of affecting the legitimate cardholder. See Also instant payday loans for unemployed .

Card with existing cash balances. Members with a hold on the card and its cash balance before the hold is released you will need to verify the identity of their own. To determine whether there is a balance of the card, please call the 1 -866 -543 -9160. Once you have identified that your card has a balance, please stay in line in order to obtain specific instructions about the verification process ID. See Also instant payday loan approvals . [If you have a zero balance, you are on the card, (for details see below) Please do not contact us - IRS has not yet deposited the refund to the card]

You will be asked to fax a copy easy to read the following information for review by Intuit. Check out also instant guaranteed .

  • Social security card that is signed
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address (for example, utility costs)

Your fax, you will be prompted to confirm that it contains a cover sheet that contains the last four digits of the card number and name of card holder we also. See Also instant guarranteed payday loans . If you, if you can not decipher all three parts of the above information can not be provided, or documents, we can release the hold on the card can not be. Check out also installment loans in chicago illinois . Is confirmed that the information is legitimate, the hold will be released to your card.

Card with a zero balance. At this point, we have not been removed, holding the card has a zero balance. Members with a zero balance and its hold on the card will not be able to receive a refund of their 2011 federal tax load on those cards. Rather, IRS will issue a paper check mailed to the physical address indicated in the turbo tax you should receive in 4-6 weeks.

The majority of customers of the turbo tax refund card, they will receive a card through the mail 7-10 days after sign up to it. Check out also instant on line loans . Their refund has been deposited in case their card is, you can see the customer Www. Check out also information on my refund check instant tax.Turbotaxcard.Com .
We thank everyone, Sorry for the inconvenience.


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