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Ultra VX Visa offer
  • Patent pending: "$ 25,000 maximum credit line " credit on Demand
  • Instant Approval: no credit check, bank accounts and required minimum income
  • Report to the major credit reporting agencies: Credit Report
  • No limit | more American Airlines, Southwest, Jet Blue, Stars and Clear: Rewards "
  • Features powerful account: Direct Deposit alerts, bill pay, free, patent pending to add cash instantly at 100,000 retail stores nationwide
April intro Intro period April April regular Annual fee Monthly Balance transfers Credit, if required.
N / A N / A 14.90% $ 0.00 $ 6.95 N / A Bad credit

Interesting facts about the credit card

  • That can be used for credit card consumers to purchase in the line of credit available, in the magnetic stripe that can be read, is a small plastic card. Until now, think of how it works they are, in any case, credit card is a convenience trivial like that actually, we impact on society most in today's society it is There is no. (: Source)
  • First, the credit card, and provided by individual stores, only available in these stores, just was in charge of account. First credit card can be used in multiple locations was provided by Diners Club in 1950. (: Source)
  • American Express, ship products across the United States, taking advantage of the limited range and slow the United States Postal Service, was launched in 1850 as a shipping company. Their main customers, the bank, they were shipped to various financial instruments such as stock certificates and other notes. They started to sell money orders, traveler's checks in 1882, and issued its first credit card in 1958. (: Source)
  • MasterCard and Visa is a network of banks and financial institutions. American Express is a unique company is (the user who is a spin-off business) Morgan Stanley discovered the card subsidiary. (: Source)
  • Visa was called Card provided by Bank of America in the year 1958 BankAmericard, originally in California. Check out also instant lending group . In 1970, they were created, the association called the National BankAmericard, Inc. of all U.S. bank that issued the BankAmericard. It had not been renamed to Visa until 1976. (: Source)
  • Visa has Visa International Service Association, standing actually. (: Source)
  • Discover Card was introduced in the Sears gained notoriety in 1985, so it does not charge a membership fee. (: Source)
  • At the time, also Sears, owned by the organization of the Dean Witter Reynolds brokerage, Discover brand has been integrated into the organization. When Dean Witter merged with Morgan Stanley to the year 1997, Discover went along for a ride. (: Source)
  • Represent the blue sky, the gold color of the logo of visa has been chosen to represent the colors of the hills of California Bank of America has been established. (: Source)
  • Formed in the Interbank Card Association under the name originally, they were to get the logo and brand in 1969 MasterCharge. MasterCharge has been established by the Bank of California in 1967 who participated in the four together to form a bank card association western states to fight the BankAmericard of Bank of America originally. See Also 200 dollar cash advance . MasterCharge has been renamed MasterCard in 1979. (: Source)

Type of Card

  • Bank card, travel and entertainment cards (T & E card), card retailer, Card oil companies: There are four major types of credit cards. You may have different applications and interest rates for each type of card. Check out also instant payday loans direct . If you use a credit card, consumers will agree to the terms of the credit card company. I understand them before reading these terms and conditions carefully, to use the card. (: Source)
  • One of the major bank card bank card 2, there are VISA and MasterCard. You can use the card to enable the bank to charge the card cash advances some of the motel and restaurant bills, merchandise, airline tickets, and services. Will be continued interest of caching is to get money to start the day, until you repay this loan. (: Source)
  • Travel and entertainment cards (T & E). Consumers, American Express, Diners Club, as Blanche cult, it must apply for a travel and entertainment card, are charged an annual fee. See Also instant approval . Card holder, you will be charged from 30 to 60 days per purchase. They are each to pay the full bill is expected. If you fail to pay promptly, it may be the final cancellation of the account bad credit report, and interest. (: Source)
  • Card of a retail business. Retail credit cards are issued by department stores and other businesses. If you have a retail store card, you can be notified of special sales before the general public. See Also instant guarranteed payday loans . These cards provide a revolving credit with credit limits that are established in advance. Check out also cash advance online. If you do not fully paid each month, the financial costs will be added to the invoice. Check out also instant payday advances direct lenders . Accept bank cards at most retail stores. (: Source)
  • Card of the oil company. The oil companies to provide their own credit card, most will accept MasterCard and VISA. (: Source)


  • Card the total distribution in the U.S.
    (2009 - end of year)
  • Visa Credit: 270.1 million, down 11% (Source:
  • VISA Debit: 382 million, an increase of 18% (Source:
  • 2,030,000 people, down 22 percent: credit of MasterCard (Source:
  • 125 million yen, an increase of 1% of Debit MasterCard (Source:
  • 489,000 yen, down 9% American Express Credit (Source:
  • Discover the credit: ( Source) 54,400,000, down 6 percent
  • 576.4 million: Total credit card
  • 507 million: Total debit card

(: Source)

Ranking of credit card customer satisfaction survey years 2009 JD Power and Associates
(Based on a 1,000-point scale)
A. American Express - 762
Two. To discover the card - 751
Three. National City - 740
Four. Wells Fargo & Co. - 724
Five. Berkeley - 717
6. 715 - Bank of the United States
Seven. Chase 708 -
Eight. City - 699
Nine. 689 - National Bank of Omaha first
10. Bank of America - 687
(: Source)

  • The issuance of credit cards of the top 10 worldwide

(Ranked by the balance of the whole world)
A. (Including the balance of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, from Spain) $ 194.70 billion dollars - Bank of America / MBNA
Two. (U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, England, Mexico and other countries & 22) $ 184,090,000,000 - Chase
Three. (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, country South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other 34) $ 148.90 billion dollars - City
Four. (United States, Canada, and Australia / New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries & 34) $ 105. See Also instant payday loans no fee .00 billion dollars - American Express
Five. (U.S., Canada, UK) 68,780,000,000 U.S. dollars - Capital One
6. (U.S., UK, Mexico, Hong Kong, Turkey, Canada and 45 other countries) $ 58.50 billion dollars - HSBC
Seven. Discover - $ 49.60 billion dollars (U.S.)
Eight. Wells Fargo - $ 36.40 billion dollars (U.S., Canada)
Nine. (U.S., UK, Germany, South Africa 30 & over) $ 32.60 billion dollars - Barclays
10. Lloyds TSB / HBOS - 19.29 billion U.S. dollars (UK)

(: Source)

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