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The new refund program, simplify the tax refund for international visitors

DFW Airport, Texas, July 21, 2011 / PR News-USNewswire / - international store visit Texas to go back to the front of the house, you can collect a refund of sales tax in cash at DFW International Airport You can. TaxFree Shopping Co., Ltd. started the program "instant cash" to provide a trip to the new Quick Cash refund of state sales tax. Refund, do one of the first major international gateway in the United States in order to provide this type of service refund "instant cash" can be obtained by the location of the internal Hall Ticket TaxFree shopping kiosks in North America, International Terminal D. DFW DFW for?

Ben Petty, stock TaxFree shopping "This is a program refund of one-stop which represents a step forward in a true for a shopper's international, it is Texas for visitors, will even more attractive" and receipts and that said no customers have to go to some longer "managing partner of the company, the location of the then waits for a few weeks to get the tax refund them. their refund on the spot can receive. "

Tax refund, the concrete within the last 30 days, has been prepared for the international visitors who have purchased products (non-consumable) new. Refund program will contain the purchase of TaxFree and its partners from the shopping, including major retailers such as Target and Macy's stores, such as more than 4,500. You may choose to take a refund of the electron transfer them via check or PayPal. See Also payday cash advance loan. For more information about the partner program and store is available at Www.Taxfreetexas.Com .

"Tremendous convenience, the world traveler to fly DFW to provide immediate cash refund of sales tax," Chief Executive Officer Jeff fee cancer, DFW Airport (CEO) has said. "It takes the effort to obtain a refund of sales tax you really, DFW is looking to bring customers to move easily for always, a new concept."

DFW that is hosting the international travelers for more than 4 million people each year, in order to provide immediate service for this type of refund, in the United States is one of the international gateway airport very few.

"Our study, for every dollar refund of state, along with the additional sales in other areas, such as restaurants and hotels, such as retail stores in Texas, sales indicates that to generate $ 11.64 in another "Petty said that.

Also authorized customs broker TaxFree shopping, the largest Texas, offers a refund of instant cash refund at the location of the center of the 13 other in Texas.

About DFW International Airport

Service 570,000 passengers per year, is the third in the world located between Dallas and Fort Worth busy, in the middle of the city of Texas, DFW International Airport and to provide approximately 1,800 flights per day. Check out also instant cash no credit check . DFW has to offer nonstop service to 47 domestic and international destinations around the world 144. Year in a row 4, DFW has been ranked in the top five of large-scale customer service between the airport worldwide in a survey conducted by Airports Council International. Check out also frere emergency money . Log on to for more information about availability and the latest news about flight information for many services provided by the International Airport DFW, real-time, the parking lot Www.Dfwairport.Com .

To define the international airport DFW (re-)

Renewal and improvement program of $ 1.9 billion Terminal International Airport DFW (TRIP) is to define the first class of this gateway is global (re). See Also instant approvale payday loand . For more information about the latest on the TRIP, log on to redefine Www.Dfwairport.Com / .

DFW International Airport are as follows: a.

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