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Oakland Tribune, instant tax refund may sound great, is said to be really high interest rate loan.

"" Today money sounds attractive, the "me." Said director of consumer protection for Consumer Federation, headquartered in Washington, Jean Ann Fox, of the United States realize that people sign up for the loan actually I do not think. I and they have a clear idea of how much you're paying more (per annum) to 100% APR and I do not think this . Check out also instant payday loan no fee ... sometimes. "

Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Illinois, in order to avoid high-cost, high-interest loans from tax preparation companies and banks to give "instant cash" for the tax refund, has given warning of the taxpayer.

Madigan is, (RALs) is a "sweetheart deals" of loan companies and banks expect a refund, the taxpayer of the cost of that money was said to be able to carry a considerable amount of extra fees. Companies and banks are typically lure low to alleviate the income tax and promised to refund of tax in a few days. Typically, a refund may take from 10 days for three weeks.

I think that the taxpayers so they can get the money immediately, and that they get a good deal more is easy, Madigan said at a news conference. According to Madigan, the company prepare for tax residents speak English often are concentrated in the region - can not. However, she is simply "It can pay to borrow money does not make sense of your own you may not have a bank account and a computer that electronically submitted tax and warnings "like the boss to pay for the work is, in addition to tax returns options.In to wait for a refund or do not want to, but perhaps less familiar, the filer is often because they do not have a bank account, so consider providing that refund instant, to use the deposit option direct the IRS for those who filed electronically It is not possible. E-filing you can get a refund of the deposit directly within 10 days to 2 weeks. Check out also instant same day cash loan .

Billions of dollars in tax refunds Unclaimed

More than $ 2.5 billion

Internal Revenue Service is sitting on account of waiting to be claimed by the rightful owner only. However, it is not enough time.

Money is owed to 1.9 million taxpayers did not submit a tax return in 1999. They are in order to submit a report of old, have until April 15. After that date, Uncle Sam, you get to keep the cash.

IRS estimates that it is possible to claim a refund of about $ 511 more than half of nonfilers. California is home to most taxpayers accounted for $ 2.84 billion in unclaimed refund, did not send to the return of years ago. Check out also installment loans houston . But

All states

As is the case with region of the United States, the filer of the military, living overseas and stationed overseas taxpayers, and has a return unclaimed.

Referred to in spite of an enormous amount, IRS, the unclaimed refund money, and that is not uncommon.

What is the war with Iraq, already in progress?

According to ABC News,

Fighter of the United States, has been bombing the air defense of Iraq nearly every day. Other aircraft, more than one warning Iraq of all you are trying to change things has dropped millions of flyers. Of the U.S. military and the CIA " small numbers of cooperative believe that has been working inside Iraq secretly. a team forces of the United States, the United States Saddam Hussein, and that hiding Scud missiles can strike Jordan and Israel and the nerve gas has been operating in the desert of western Iraq, the source. told ABCNEWS "


This is called a psychological campaign, send an e-mail to the leaders of Iraq on the prompt them to give up the support of Hussein, and contains the agents of the United States. The online system is shutting down e-mail tells of Iraq more than once.

Psychological operations is, these days, is the normal procedure. In Afghanistan, leaflet drops windup radio also to warn the Taliban to surrender to PsyOps. (

For more information about the PsyOps is


PsyOps is how they are configured with the command


Date of Call-UPS of the new guard and reserve:

Is the sum of the latest here.

Call-up, each state

. The total number of reserve personnel currently on active duty is 113,751 with the assistance of the partial mobilization of Army Reserve and Army National Guard. Naval Reserve, 6276, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, 15,704, preliminary Coast Guard, Marine Corps reserve 1982, and 12539,. This brings the total National Guard and active preparation to 150,252. See Also instant payday loans number .

City under the strain of the call-up to the United States and

LA Times

Have an update of an article that is mentioned in, I

Morning meeting of the Al

A few weeks ago. Police departments across the country, fire, emergency services, depleted by the overseas deployment of the reserve, military buildup of the United States for the war possible in Iraq to find a rank that security concerns have been raised close to home You.

Also a significant proportion of reserve troops that make up half of the national defense, will work in life to protect the city across the United States, the so-called civilians as First Responders. A recent survey of 8,500 fire department was carried out is

International Assn. Length of fire

Nearly four thirds, had a staff of allowance - from firefighter to chief himself. See Also grauntored payday loans .

In a similar poll of more than 2,100 law enforcement agencies by Executive Research Forum of the police personnel that have lost in order to call up 44% was found. See Also instant fast loans .

The high price of higher education

State spending for public colleges and universities fell sharply last year. Check out also instant cash empire . Recession, with the result that struck nearly every state, it was the worst financial news for public higher education institutions and students of the year at least. So far this year, a new fee imposed by the state image, raise tuition even higher, to reduce the student financial aid, and continue to cut the budget and higher education campus of the response, looks bleaker further.

National Center for Higher Education and the public police say

16 in the province of tuition fees has increased four-year college or university with more than 10%. See Also instant loans by actual lenders . Followed by Texas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Iowa and North Carolina 20% and 19%, 24%, which led to the largest increase. Check out also installment loans in santa fe .

New York is 3 percent, 2 percent had an increase in the minimum inter-state tuition followed by Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, and Oregon. Since data has been collected, the number is to note that it is important to have worsened. For example, in New York, New York governor has proposed a tuition increase of 35% or more in the new City University and State University of New York (SUNY) (CUNY).

In public two-year colleges, 10 state expenses has increased tuition fees and more than 10%. Massachusetts and South Carolina is 14%, Washington, Indiana, at 17%, followed by New Hampshire and Arkansas, at 26%, and has led to the largest increase. California, Maine, Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania, showed little or no increase in tuition for two years published since last year. Check out also cash loan.

Group has

State by state breakdown of

Higher education spending.

In other countries, taking into account Grannycam Law Maryland is considering a bill for nursing home patient's family to monitor the care, you can place the camera in the patient's room. Texas, has a law like this, Florida, it was examined.

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