The History Of Department Stores

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For women's clothing before you are ready to wear: This is the year 1968 was not that it has been moved from the main floor walker in a department store goods, the smallest of Wichita. Check out also quick easy online loans no credit checks south africa! I of course summer I wrote a paper about the history of the department store in Wichita that was taking at the University of Wichita State. Manager Albert Clay, of the shop, of Walker "is an old lady" as a store, "he brother. Walker told me that had been known that you were trying to bring it to the Sun believe in cloth did well in the fabric of Walker. Check out also instant cash online cash advance . However, before 1968 a long time, store large profits per square foot of the Women's Sports on the third floor from the main floor sports were moved to the end of the Walker Te, and he said, and wear on the main floor from the third floor, because the cloth had been made to wear than the cloth. -

Very interesting. It was a really old-fashioned shop. Thank you! - JW


Exhibition of stories and shopping of downtown Wilmington

Sound interesting.

St. Pete, Florida Webb City, everyone knows if you have ever published a cookbook? I'm looking for a recipe of that ice cream.

1, if it is published it will increase in Internet searches almost certainly be there once - on E-Bay, this site that you want to use, etc. Check out also installment money loans online . I, so visited hundreds of thousands of people over a period of time the store , it did not want to make things the way and a small doubt that the time would be rare.
In 1925, Webb and James Earl "Doc" was to open the "world's most unusual drug store" in St. Petersburg, Florida. Over the years, the city of Webb, was the main shopping areas and tourist attractions. This, along with attractions such as the mermaid shows and animal acts of eateries and three, that carried clothing, furniture, pharmaceuticals, food products, consumer electronics products. City of Webb ice cream bar for guests, had to be stopped. The store, to manufacture their own ice cream, sold more than 800 days gallons. See Also instant cash phoenix az . The product contains milk ice, Kreamy King, fruit sherbet ice cream is made of true country, to something special. As sales plummeted in the 1970s has been changed as St. Petersburg, made a city of Webb. Its closure was announced in 1979 and summer heading, "Closing of Webb, will kill the old people." Local residents Henry Murphy was in charge of the manufacture of ice cream recipe and its web. See Also instant loans no employment verify . I do not know all the publications I've reproduced one of the recipes Unfortunately, he had died a year later the store was passed. - ML

Did it feel like you are ready to wear clothes like? People got their clothes in front of department store how? -

Women's Clothing has been most in cities and rural areas, was done by women and dressmaker in the house of the late 19th century long after. Men's clothing is off-the-shelf after the civil war, were sold in men's clothing store. He is John Wanamaker, for example, had a men's clothing store before you start the department store of his in 1877. - JW

I remember as a child please go to the gallery on the seventh floor of the mother of the Hudson. Well, one day, she bought a painting. Painting itself does not have the signature of the artist. I'm F-15277 1/22/65 date and number of all have behind the picture. From this meager bit of information, it can examine whether it is the artist who is this possible? Charles - thanks

It sounds like a real research! In my opinion, is that it may try to find a Detroit newspaper ads to search ads, but from 1965, were sold. I doubt had been handled by the company that it has specialized in selling large-scale department store artwork. You are if you can learn the name of the costume did it (! Assuming I'm right), you whether you have archive records of them somewhere (or low) (yes again) is still in business they may be able to discover. So it is a very long shot. The fact that honesty is signed, the artist is not on it is not a good sign in terms of value. It suggests that the painting has been sold as mass production at the motel all over America now. - JW

Hello, I'm doing my history fair project on the revolution of Marshall Field. I am in need of paper. Please to help, as soon as possible. Thanks, Chloe -

I think that to mean the evolution of the store you - If you want to do some reading on the subject, I'm sure you can develop your own paper you are.

Relative, in Detroit to the recent questions of Debra, JL Hudson Company, was commissioned to draw the various scenes of Michigan 10 artists from all over the country drew a four seasons. The program was called "State of Michigan canvas." Special tractor trailer, had been equipped for both beyond the peninsula, to transport these paintings to museums and libraries. Check out also urban trust bank tax refunds. This would have been 1948 and 1949. This mobile art exhibition, was also in the auditorium of the floor 12 and has been exhibited at the Michigan State Fair in downtown Hudson. In the 1960s, opened a gallery on the seventh floor of the JL Hudson store (at the time was president of the company) Joseph L. Hudson, Jr. of downtown. This exclusive gallery specializing in contemporary art. If you wish Let me know your specific information on the art. I also have a commemorative booklet with the "Michigan on canvas" traveling exhibition. - Michael Hauser


In reference to the previous query.

It was called Zapoleon Ludlow Street Dayton, Ohio women's apparel shop] exclusive. It is performed by the Lenoir Zapoleon. It is a high-end, had the best clothes. I'm at university, was working a summer.

I Teen children's clothing, especially with a girl ... You are trying to get a list of buyer and product manager at Carson Pirie Scott working in the company in the 1960s. See Also instant cash with no credit . If you have any suggestions or if you have any, please let us know. Check out also instant approval loan lenders . I am in the sales of digital files to Bonton, prior to contact, they will go back up there you can not have been in CPS HR and IT with Google and the Google. We thank you Yes (retired employee), and old photos of any online group. Judy Hoffman jh.acffc @ -

Find a copy of the directory of retail Sheldon of the year in question. It shows the buyer of each department. Although it is not easy to find that the copy is, you probably can get one through the interlibrary loan program of the university library. - JW

I want to get a sign from one of the old Philadelphia Wanamakers store. Until the late 1990s because it was still around the store family of my mother when to sell the business in 1978, and got rid of most of the goods she had, I have to note one yet George.Estelle @ - convinced that there is a history of the antique store several types may

Hello, I am writing a thesis paper on the interaction with the world of art and department stores in the 1930s, the use of 40's-artist sales promotion of those products, well-known when to sell and / or Through artwork store, they may have sold, non-commercial artists, the exhibition contest /, there is if they are sponsored ad campaign, you are using. Where do you recommend I look to find such information? Also, I, for example,-Gimbels department store now are a couple of late there is a particular interest in there. Resource / archive I might be able to access available? For guidance on any and all / is, thank you very much. See Also instant cash advance no teletrack . Debra -

Much of the material, but there is there, it will not be collected in either location. Check out also installment loans only lenders . Describes the sale is anything but "treasures of the imperial family" in Gimbels called Money Russia Robert C. Williams, Russian Museum, the United States, you will need to scrape together the research via a research paper you have been digitized There is a book. It is worth exploring the subject is not without doubt, it is easy to achieve this. - JW
In reference to the Gimbels, the archive does not exist in Milwaukee in Milwaukee County Historical Society. (Milwaukee,. Was one of the four cities Gimbel) You are about to access the guide curator of the collection gathered by Steve Daly is, is great. Resources. Collection, focusing on the Milwaukee store, it contains references to other departments. Check out also installment unsecured loan . I did not refer to a specific entry in the art collection. However, Gimbelite was the company's internal magazine. Careful examination of these magazines, you might come up with what you are looking for. It will be my best advice. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Milwaukee through the journal, Google News Archive Search, you may please refer to the store several articles on NY. Check out also installment loans without credit check . (Either paper along the free access). I will be able to guarantee a very strange, very sad, that the access does not exist in the archive Gimbels NY. On another note, the story of the display is not intrigued by Salvador Dali than the window of Bonwit Teller in 1939 of my nothing. - ML

They are Herpolsheimer monorail was a low level of the downtown store. Has been updated to align with more than twice had various names over the years. Most of the riders, I knew it as a "Caterpillar Express" and "Santa's space capsule". Was talking reindeer lit up red nose under the "Train" and monorail is . See Also instant loan 2000 .... of the "Rudolph" holiday scenes and animations to be called the children it most. 25 cents, one can receive a gift that is adjacent to slide down the slide. In spite of the fact that the longer the store, the train has been renovated and is located on the display each holiday season in the Grand Rapids Public Museum. - Michael Hauser -

Thank you for this interesting addition. Check out also installment online loans !

Which department store monorail was many years ago? -

Children are usually busy during the holiday season, pause to buy some, browse, monorail, a popular attraction at the department store as some parents can be dragged up the escalator more than one bank was. Monorail has been installed on top of the toy department of a department store. Kids can take a break from shopping and the parent can see the products from the top. The number of monorail, until the early 1980s, some persistent, was established in 1948. See Also get 1500 in advance. Monorail these, using the charm of American space exploration. Part of the monorail is the most well-known John Wanamaker (Philadelphia), John Wanamaker (New York), Kresge - Newark (NJ), (Grand Rapids), Gimbels (Pittsburgh), Boston Herpolsheimer (Portland was in) store (Milwaukee), Meier & Frank. See Also flm loans. "Pink pig" of the rich, the famous monorail Atlanta, was located on the roof of the downtown flagship store. - ML

And I believe it was in Ludlow street, downtown Dayton name, of an exclusive dress shop in Ohio What was in the 1960s? -

You're probably thinking of Donenfeld. Unfortunately, there is no site on the history of the dress shop I know. - ML

I'm trying to check the memory on (Filenes) Firensu Main Store in Boston. See Also instant payday 100 . Spring is when it is still in its infancy, I remember a bird in the cage around the cosmetics section of Easter. Birds sang wildly throughout the day of the cage is going to be the center of each there was a cosmetics counter there about six. Kevin Carroll Charlestown, MA -

Kevin, I hope readers of Boston may contribute to a more concrete memories, I am the bird cage, as part of Easter promotion in a department store, it tells us that he was rich around the mid-20th century You can. I can believe that you are so completely remember this correctly. See Also is instant tax service a fraud. - JW

The name of the department store in St. Petersburg had a tank with a girl dressed as a mermaid want to tell you, in what was Florida? -

Believes that the large drugstore aimed at, called the City of Webb tourism was filled with attractions that are created by Webb as "Doc" You are. One was a replica of a sunken pirate ship. Visitors, the young women of the mermaid costume, looking into a porthole. Check out also instant pay day loan . St. Petersburg also is featured Weeki Wachee, the mermaid show, was the home of other tourist attractions. - JW

My grandmother was an employee of Dayton in Minneapolis. I found what I suspect is a gift of appreciation for employees and have passed through her old jewelry. It is the emblem of Dayton on it and necklaces, gold 3 stone blue. If there is a value, someone to contact in order to find your knowledge of collector or maybe Do you have any? -

I do not think it is very valuable, you are to contact Mary Firestone's writing a book for Arcadia Press (2007) of Dayton, as she should know more about the interest of local may be useful in many cases. See Also instant loans from the lender . - JW

I saw a Red Bull & Bush's comments from the descendants of the Merarishera. I did not know the shop in Watertown, Red Bull & Bush has been established in the year certainly Easton. See Also paperless instant loans. In addition, Scherrer, I did not know originally from Easton. See Also instant payday loan by phone . He was not listed as an officer in the directory of Easton, was involved in as prominent store in Williamsport. In the Great Depression, has been closed except for the Bethlehem are all the shops remain open under the direction of F. Royce Bush. The shop, shop came there was a conflict Easton had a branch of Philips eventually even, under the supervision of the OR. Check out also tax return instant cash. ORR is followed in the 1990s. (Third store in Easton, William Laubach & Sons, are sold to the Allies, now of Pomeroy.) -

Thank you for this addition. - JW

Along with the business card from the store, I guess in mint condition and ownership of the vintage towel gift ensemble that has not been opened even once. Forest that Art, Fifth Avenue, New York. I cant find anything on it and are looking for anywhere. They are, Do you know when there was the history of business and shop? -

I have never heard the shop of that name.

We love to hear from people who have comments about the department store questions, memory, or. We are a department store of about 5,000, but was probably in the United States will do our best to answer questions about the store of this type there or so past 150 years, once in fact, thousands of small shops, other kinds of was present can not be addressed to: one hundred mono (millions?) Thank you for your understanding.

Joe Kirsch is looking for a pharmacy in New York by Lillian Kirsch in the 1960s and 1950s and the 1930s and 40, my grandparents had owned. -

Have you tried looking in the directory of the old town? - JW

I'm looking for information about Elizabeth, about the shoe store in New Jersey. I believe brother had been owned by most, by Charles Louis it, but they may have only worked there. A little, you know where anyone with an employee of the case of Elizabeth there was a mom and pop shoe store or another of Levy. See Also instant credit into cash ? -

Family is usually the best source of information about the Mom & Pop business. - JW

Hello, I have to hold the hanger from Higgins Store exclusive for men, Frank Hill, of Chicago. Date of the hanger will be displayed as 1910. What do you know about the history of this store? See it with nothing more than business, it could not be found. I do not mind if you let me know about it, here is my e-mail. Thanks, Eugene -

. Higgins, Frank Hill, the project was due to the merger of two stores in 1959 to 1959: Clothing & Frank Higgins and Hill, had a business at 310 S. Michigan Avenue. According to the 1959 ad, claiming to be so "Now, merged as one company for men, contains a class 2 in Chicago." - JW

In the late 19th century, early 20th century shop in Detroit, known as Miller's work, Dry Goods, perhaps I'm looking for. See Also all payday lenders in the uk. -

The closest thing I can come is to use a dry goods destroyed Horton, L. Miller of Michigan in 1903. Although I can not find the shop of this name in Detroit, I had many across the United States at that time, the dry-goods store many small, it is it does not mean that did not exist. And major department stores are different, they did a little advertising, most did not leave a trace. - JW

He is looking for information about Mr. Strauss and the store in Eugene, Oregon in his name that is owned by the 1950s and 1960s. -

Furniture store run by Max Strauss, in Junction City near Eugene, there was this time. It was located on the sixth 264 W.. - JW

The famous fabric store Why in downtown San Francisco was clearly using the fabric on the ceiling stack of 50s and 60s? -

It is outside my area of research, if you can find the old SF directory, they may be useful.

Hello, in reference to a restaurant near Bloomingdale's, New York: We are used to the name of the Yellowfinger to take a nice lunch at a cafe close to the early 1970s. Cheers, DonB -

Thank you!

Department store tea room of memorabilia vintage recipe from the United States, and Memory:? Department store to find a recipe for everyone, I recommend that the new book is called a dining delicacy by Angela McRae Webster. Recipes from 20 of the country, Angela personally test in it? The historic department store, two, Macy? and Younkers s (flagship of Des Moines, but will be closed in 2005) is all done except for the. In particular, the reader, would find favorites such as cheese and cream of cauliflower soup like that from (Columbus OH) Lazarus? ? Mr. Bingles? Maison Blanche, New Orleans, Mrs. Herring from Marshall Field of Chicago? Dessert from? Chicken pot pie, Rich? Frozen fruit salad Magnolia Room (Atlanta). In addition to providing a brief history and the image of the vintage of each department store, Angela has taken the work of cooking her very attractive. Elegant dining in the Amazon is not yet available, or it can be purchased from Scott? Newnan in bookstore, or through Angela (770-253-2960), Georgia? Blog

Tea with friends


Interesting reading:

"Forgetting machine" essay, by Jerry Herron

It contains landmark Hudson department store in Detroit - on the day of its former glory. Essay, he has been caused by a couple of (exhibition and presentation in Books) photo project to reflect the meaning and purpose of nostalgia for the recent "pornography of destruction". I have been quoted in the work, and then there is a reason to read it much better than that. - JW

Another source is the Historical Museum of Philadelphia, John Wanamaker, for archival purposes. Until recently, this system, was known as the Atwater Kent Museum. Check out also do taxes online get instant refund. ~ ~ V

I have been studying the guitar from John Wanamaker in 1910 from 1909 catalog. Check the PA was already Hist luck and SOC. All lead? In the dot-com info vintagebluesguitars e-mail address: Tom

Even though I was called to itself primarily a marketing tool ..... it Filene, and many years of "the world's largest specialty store" That seems to be about the department store is another good candidate for the writer However, goods that are supported by the absence of furniture and other hard disk. Research is difficult, for many years, I Philly store application state Wellesley Massachusetts was one of the first branch of the main part, had believed otherwise. Please keep in the country. This is opened as a temporary store catering mainly to the fall of Wellesley College student, now round the shop about five years from 1924. See Also instant payday loans manchester . I will manage the store in 1961, had a picture of first store on my desk - has been provided (still the same, and original) sibling Filene Niyotte landlord - Lincoln, Edward - you know area - was a pioneer and a lot of innovation. I am in Philadelphia, Gimbel, dotted with more four years of Union, who worked for 24 years Filene. It was a fascinating era. You are very few favorite from the past, if you understand a little Macy's many, about the business you know today why so, they need to leave it open all night at any time why decided. (I am opposed to the opening of the Sunday of Massachusetts in the early 80's - Jordan Marsh conducted a vote to no avail.) -

Thank you - very interesting. A small branch in Oxford, Oxfordshire, it was also for students of Smith College. Check out also instant cash loans online south africa. - JW
Yes, you are a Wellesley Filene, you can claim it was branch "suburbs" of the country's first reasonably. But as you mentioned, department store, was "specialty store" rather than Filene the world's largest. Store, carried a large amount of linen ready-made products, cosmetics, gifts, bedding, luggage and. Number of stores that did not become complete until you purchase a 1988 department store that made by the Company of the month. See Also instant payday direct lender . (Flagship in downtown Boston. Has maintained the status of the specialty store that always) Wellesley is not a store Filene's first artificial satellite opened its doors in 1924. See Also fast loan without credit check in singapore only. Filene it first, open a store in September 1922 on top of the Woolworth store in the city, stretched out a hand Providence, RI. Was "brought into the corner in the Filene Providence" is its slogan. See Also instant loan 100 . New York Harbor next Hyannis, and ME, outpost of Massachusetts came. "Wellesley girls prefer shop," was followed by branch Northampton, South Hadley, Massachusetts from other universities. See Also installment loans no employment verification . Wellesley has, over the years, expanded the store several times, it was always a small place. If there is a possibility the Company acquired it in May 1988 Filene, they could not be forced to re-evaluate the acquisition. Wellesley store is not conform to the prototype in May, has been obsoleted. See Also check my refund status for instant tax service. It closed its doors in January 1993.
You can read: "large specialty store in Boston Filene", see the details of Upstairs Filene store in my forthcoming book you. It is part of a series of images that are published in the American public Arcadia. See Also instant online cash . This book, documenting the shop on the main floor, which contains more than 200 precious photos. Practice of the shop was a merchant and innovative Filene brothers, it was revolutionary. Filene book in time for (what remains of the building of the downtown area) or just the 100th anniversary of building of downtown, is scheduled to be released in late May. This book contains a great foreword by Lincoln Philly Rudd applications. (Pronounced lean Phil) He is a 85-year-old grandson of founder Lincoln Philly applications. See Also instant payday loan completely online . - ML

Downtown Dayton when, Ohio, did Sears store open? - Sears in downtown Dayton, opened in 1947. On October 2, 1993, it was discontinued operations such as full-service department store. Check out also 195. Sears is converting the building to the Sears Outlet store lasted until June 1995. - ML

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-1970 ADG2001 - Louisan STL If the concept you are referring to is that of a downtown mall, I believe that reviving many of our nation's downtowns is beyond the power of shopping malls. There need to be multiple magnets drawing people to city centers for retail to work. -- JW

This question or comment warrants its own website and discussion. I can simplify the answer by addressing issues surrounding labor, competition, inefficient buildings, and changes in society. These general issues show why the department store, as we knew it, can not or will not return. They are by n means, they are just a few of them. 1) People often speak of all of the special services that department stores offered, from calling customers at their home to let them know that their favorite merchandise has arrived to special services like Tea Rooms with Breakfast with Santa, and sympathy cards sent to credit holders acknowledging a loss of a family member. It takes employees to pull this off. Labor forces were extensive. Thousands worked in these flagship stores. When it comes to bottom line sales and profit figures, this employment structure could never happen today. Today it's about performing for your shareholders, not your customers. 2) When dept stores peaked in the 1950s, competition was minimal. It wasn't until discounters took control of the market and 1962 will be a 50th anniversary for many. Value + convenience was the death knell to many downtown stores. (Why go to shop a couple rows of televisions when you can spend all day at Best Buy?) 3) Downtown stores became way too large for the business that were generating. Cooling systems, electrical panels, etc. were in desperate need of upgrading. Again, it's about the bottom line. 4) Society. How many of us don't even leave the house to shop? I'm guilty. Shopping needs to be social and entertaining but it costs money to do that. This a general oversimplification of what happened to the dept store. But don't forget, in the end, it's about the shareholder. Check out also instant online approval . -- ML

Can you give me any information about Stix, Baer & Fuller in St. Louis? -- Stix, Baer & Fuller, known locally as Stix, was established in 1892 at Broadway and Washington in St. Louis by Charles Stix, Julius Baer, and Aaron Fuller. They built a new store a few block up, at Washington and 6th Street, in 1907. In 1914 the store??s sales volume was approximately equal to St. Louis??s other leading department store, Famous-Barr, and both were substantially greater than #3, Scruggs, Vandervoort & Barney. The first suburban Stix store was opened in 1955 in the popular West Roads Shopping Center in Richmond Heights, now the site of Galeria. River Roads opened in the suburb of Jennings in 1961. In 1962 the Stix stores were acquired by Associated Dry Goods Co. In 1965 Stix, though possessing more prestige, did about half the volume of business of competitor Famous-Barr, flagship of the St. Louis-based May Co. The business was acquired by Dillard??s in 1984 and the stores were all given that name. The downtown store, which had been doing poorly for quite some time, was closed in 2001. -- JW

'Tis the season for buying and giving books about department stores. See color pictures from Jan's The World of Department Stores. Michael's Gimbels Has It! was just listed as a holiday gift book pick by NPR!

Yesterday Jan was interviewed about her new book The World of Department Stores by Sean Moncrieff, in Dublin, Ireland. Any day now her interview with Stacey Vanek-Smith should air on Marketplace (public radio).

Do you have any advice on how to track down a dept store name based on an address? I am trying to find historical photos of a building and I know that it was a dept store at one point. I'm hoping having its name might lead to photographs. --Yes, if you can find digitized city directories or newspapers from that city -- assuming you know which city it was in. If not, you should be able to figure that out simply using Google. See Also instant guaranteed approval payday loans . You might need to join a site like Ancestry for a short term to access 20th century directories. Keep in mind, though, that you might need to vary the street number a bit while searching since most large buildings had hyphenated numbers and they weren't always consistent in how they published their addresses. -- JW

2011 seems to be the "Year of the Department Store Book". In addition to Jan's wonderful anthology and my new Gimbels book, there are several great new books for the department store enthusiast and overall history buff. History Press has recently released some great books on Burdines, Lazarus, and Wolf & Dessauer. Arcadia's Images of America series includes brand new image books on Maison Blanche and "Remembering Marshall Field's". Rumor has it that books on LS Ayres and Jordan Marsh are in the works. But two of my favorite books this season are 'Jacobson's: I Miss It So!' by Bruce Kopytek and 'Denholms: The Story of Worcester's Premier Department Store' by Christopher Sawyer and Patricia A. Wolf. I always found Jacobson's to be somewhat of an enigma. Check out also installment loans in ks . I didn't know how it was able to stand the test of time as others like Bonwit Teller and I. Magnin fell out of the marketplace. Jacobson's was a quiet but classy retailer. Kopytek tells a compelling story of this unique retailer. The book is well organized, comprehensive, and impeccably researched. Whether you are interested in learning more about Jacobson's or are simply a former fan, this book is for you. I wasn't sure how interested that I'd be in Denholms. I had never been to Denholms and it just seemed like any large store in any small American city. See Also instant cash in one hour . But that's probably why I like it so much. Every one of these stores, large or small, had their story and Sawyer and Wolf did a great job telling it. Denholms was an early victim of the consolidation or demise of the department store industry and I am thankful that this book documents its worthy history. See Also singapore loan posting comment. I hope that there are many more books like these on the way. I ask you to join me in making room on your book shelves for any of the books listed above. -- ML

To Michael's list I would add a new book on department store recipes, a subject for which there are plenty of queries on this website. I haven't read it yet but I'm intrigued by Dainty Dining. -- JW

Howle Watson store for men

As a child of 50s, 60s TX, NY & SF, my memories of wonderful dept stores is deep -- love your line of research. Life would have been the poorer without Joskes (SA) and Neiman's (Dal). See Also installment loans from new lenders . I have an associated quest: movies about stores. (a)A 50s movie chronicled development of Okla's oil boom and parallel growth of a women's dress shop cum dept store, from boardwalks & unpaved streets to wealth & retail grandeur. Then, it all -- downtown & store -- burns. But the indomitable heroine rebuilds, better than before!!(b)A dynastic dept store-owning family goes after each other over control of their retail empire & the related 'vision'. Running theme: the store's clock tower is above the board room and the bell strikes at pivotal moments. Does anyone remember these films? Amazingly, Google is proving no help. Maybe your legion of dept store fans will remember -- ?? -- I strongly suspect the first is Tulsa, with Susan Hayward (1959); Ruby Keeler runs a dress shop. On the second one, the board room and clock tower immediately call to mind the Coen Brothers' Hudsucker Proxy, with Tim Robbins, Paul Newman... a brilliant movie. But the Hudsucker family, alas, were manufacturers not retailers. Maybe someone out there has other suggestions? -- JW

Have you developed a spot for Christmas memories? Pelletier's in Topeka, Kansas left an indelible impression on my young - very visually oriented - mind. I am thinking of writing a description of that grand and beautiful store. My mother would say to me, in a hushed voice as if it were very special, "we're going to Pelletier's!" For me, it was not about getting any object in that store. It was about being there, seeing and feeling the endless possibilities! Christmas there was astonishing. -- Perhaps Pelletier's unusually strong European buying connections made the store a special place in Topeka. See Also installment loans in south carolina ? Pelletier's dates from 1883 but it was originally founded in Sioux City, Iowa. See Also instant payday loan direct lender . The 7 story plus basement store anchored Topeka's downtown from the corner of 9th & Kansas Sts. See Also installment payday loans us . (Crosby's was another Topeka landmark.) It dates from 1912. The Pelletier name did not appear in the store title until 1919. In 1979, Pelletier's left downtown and operated a branch at the Holliday Shopping Center until the late 1980s. Being Christmastime, there is no doubt that you are thinking of the times when you traveled to Pelletier's basement and visited "the only Santa in Topeka". -- ML

Michael is right that Pelletier's had buying offices in New York, London and Paris as early as 1920. Thank you for sharing your memories. It is so true that children regarded department stores as marvelous institutions, not simply as places to buy the latest toys. -- JW

Anyone remember the Jordan Marsh jingle that went "We're doing our Christmas shopping at Jordan Marsh this year" ? I can't get it out of my head.

See this very nice review for Bruce Allen Kopytek's JACOBSON'S: I MISS IT SO, about a department store chain that began in Michigan. Bruce kindly provided an image of Jacobson's Dearborn branch, shown in the picture gallery in the right-hand column.

Michael I loved your Gimbels Book! Where was the Appleton Gimbels store located? What Gimbels locations did the Boston Store buy? Thanks John -- I'm so glad that you enjoyed the Gimbels. I wanted to give all 4 Gimbel cities their chance to tell their story and I feel pleased with the end process. Gimbels opened its store in downtown Appleton in 1971. The 200,000 square foot store was bounded by E. College Ave., Morrison and Washington Streets. It later helped anchor the Avenue Mall. When Gimbels-Midwest disbanded in 1986, its Appleton store was up for grabs. Marshall Field assumed control of the downtown (Grand Avenue) Northridge, Southridge, and Hilldale (Madison) Gimbels stores. See Also instant cash loans online approval . One month later, Fields agreed to take control of the Appleton store. Check out also instand loans . Boston Store acquired Gimbels stores in Southgate, East Towne and West Towne shopping centers. It also took possession of Gimbels' prized Mayfair location. Southgate, Gimbels first ever branch, closed in 1993 but the Northridge and Southridge Field's (Gimbels) stores were sold to Sheboygan-based HC Prange Co. in October 1988. -- ML

More good press for Michael Lisicky's new Gimbels book, this time from a Milwaukee point of view.

Another new book on department stores to check out: Denholms: The Story of Worcester's Premier Department Store, by Christopher Sawyer and Patricia A. Wolf.

In the book "Wanamaker's - Meet Me at the Eagle" Michael Lisicky mentions 6 department stores in Philadelphia, but I found no mention of Sterns (Stern Brothers) at Market and 7th downtown, although they had large newspaper ads in the 1950s. Check out also instant tax icl fee. What can you tell me about Sterns and why they were not included in the book? Daniel Niemeyer --Stern & Co. was founded in 1894 in Philadelphia, the same year that the Gimbel Brothers entered the Philadelphia market. Check out also instalment cash loans . Though it offered different types of merchandise from time to time, Stern's was known predominantly as a home furnishings store. See Also payday advances in blacktown area. Stern's quickly spread out throughout the Delaware Valley by acquiring other furnishings stores in cities like Camden, Media, Trenton, Wilmington, and Atlantic City. Check out also instant no telecheck no income . By 1927, Stern's was part of a 44 store buying syndicate. Check out also instant direct lenders . It was well known for its popular credit terms and its slogan for many years was "By at Stern's, pay as you earn." By the 1970s, Stern's dwindled in size and prominence though it still kept a Market Street presence near 7th Street. When Gimbels ceased business in 1986, the stores were acquired by Allied Store's Stern's division. Soon after Stern's arrived to take control of Gimbels, Stern's of Philadelphia threatened to sue Allied Stores for "unfair competition, deceptive trade practices and infringement of its tradename." The irony is that within two years, both Stern's and Stern & Co. would be gone. Since Stern's was not a department store, it was not included in the Wanamaker's or Gimbels books. See Also instant online direct loan providers . It definitely served a working class market that was looking for furniture, accessories, and linens on easy terms. Check out also payday loan lenders view topic forums. It just wasn't the type of store that I was looking to profile. If I wanted to write about a Philadelphia area furniture store, my choice would be JB VanSciver & Co. Classy furniture, classy stores. -- ML

I remember as a child in the late 1950's riding an aerial spaceship in a department store in Newark, nj What was the name? Was it kliegs or kresces? -- Just a guess that of the two stores it would be the larger, which I would think was Kresge's (I don't know the other store). It involves considerable trouble and expense to install a spaceship ride on a department store ceiling. -- JW

The store that you are thinking of is Kresge's, or Kresge-Newark. The store originated as Fox & Plaut and later became the LS Plaut & Co. It was founded in 1870 and was purchased by SS Kresge (the K from Kmart) in 1923. The store was operated as a full department store and also had a later affiliation with Asbury Park's Steinbach Company, which operated for a number of years as Steinbach-Kresge. Kresge's was home to one of the country's famous toy department monorails. Other monorails were found at Wanamaker's in Philadelphia and New York, Meier & Frank in Portland, Gimbels in Pittsburgh and Herpolsheimer's in Grand Rapids. It doesn't seem that Kresge's monorail had any other name at Kresge's other than "the monorail". The 10 story building became home to the Chase Department Store in May 1964 and became a downtown Two Guys store in September 1967. See Also do cash call credit check. Two Guys closed its downtown Newark store in 1981. -- ML

I am trying to find a department store by the name of Dunham Brothers? Have you ever heard of it? I don't even know the location of the store, what state. I tried looking it up on a site with old department stores listed, maybe I missed it. Check out also 12 month installment loan illinois. Thanks for any help you might give in advance. Kind regards, Sharon Knape -- I have never heard of a department store of this name and with so little to go on it's fairly impossible to research. There was a longtime shoe store and manufacturer in Brattleboro VT by that name. Check out also installment loans online with monthly . In fact it still exists, I believe, as a chain of stores under the Dunham name (without Brothers), though a very different business nowadays I would think. -- JW

Dunham's can mean Dunham Brothers, the shoes store/company founded in 1885 in Brattleboro, Vermont. Dunham's can mean Trenton's SP Dunham Co, which dated from 1854. Dunham's was a Central Jersey landmark and circled Trenton with many branch stores. The stores were known for "a solid reputation as a supplier of well-made reasonably priced clothing and household goods. Check out also borrow money no credit check." Dunham's closed its downtown Trenton store in 1983 and the final Dunham's store, in suburban Hamilton, closed in 1996, a victim of a changing society. Dunham's also can mean the small, still operating department store in Wellsboro, PA. This 35,000 square foot store was founded in 1905 and still anchors this small Pennsylvania city. Check out also instant no fax payday loans . The Dunham family still operates this rare independent store which offers fashions for the family, housewares, toys, and gifts. -- ML

Hello Jan and Michael - I've added 2 more interesting cards to my credit/charge card collection. They are from Berkowitz Dept. Store and Wilson-Chase Dept. Store of St. Petersburg, Fl. Can't find much on either of these stores. Hope you might have some info. Thanks Scott ( -- The Willson-Chase Co. (2 LLs) was founded in 1910 in St. Petersburg, very likely by its long-time president Edward B. Wilson (usually 1 L). It was located at 3rd and Central and advertised in the 1920s that it was "One of Florida's Great Stores." I'm not certain when it closed but I believe it was still in business in the mid-1960s. Check out also payday for anyone no brokers. I'm not sure if you are implying that the Berkowitz store was also in St. Petersburg but if so, I can find no trace of it. The only Berkowitz Department Store I know of was located in the Chicago area on Irving Park Road and its owner, and probable founder, was Isadore Berkowitz, who died in 1957. -- JW

The Willson-Chase Co. department store closed its doors for good on March 16, 1965. The store was declared bankrupt the previous night. JJ Willson bought out the controlling interest in 1960 but sales deteriorated over the next years. The closing put 30 employees out of work. (At its peak, Willson-Chase employed 365.) Willson complained that the press coverage on the store's financial troubles killed any remaining business. EB Willson founded the store in 1909 along with two women, Beulah and Lena Chase. The store was St. Petersburg's oldest mercantile business. -- ML

As the demographics in many cities changed, some of our land's great Department Stores started to reach out to minority residents to build back business at their downtown stores. See Also instant direct loans online . Starting in the early 1970's both JL Hudson in Detroit, and Bamberger's in Newark added an African American Santa Claus to their holiday offerings. This "Santa Option" (for lack of a better word) was maintained at Hudson's through their final Christmas Season downtown in 1982, and at Bamberger's until 1977 (when they renovated the 4th floor and removed their auditorium and Santa Village). Did any other department stores of note feature Black Santas? -- This is a fascinating question -- and thanks for the info about these two stores. I have to admit I haven't run across this particular phenomenon however, given the changing inner city demographics of that time and the reliance downtown stores had on populations living in proximity to them, I can only imagine that other stores did the same. Perhaps readers have more examples. -- JW

Michael is getting a lot of good press for his new Gimbels book!

I'm looking for any information on Patterson Shoes in Houston Tx around 1915? -- Michael Lisicky and I have each spent many years researching department stores, but I'm afraid shoe stores are a bit beyond our expertise. I would suggest contacting a research librarian or a historical society in Houston. -- JW

I don't see any mention of The Bush and Bull Company- They had department stores in Watertown, NY (Bush, Bull and Roth), Easton, PA, Williamsport, PA, Bethlehem, PA and maybe some other locations- They were in business from approx 1880's thru 1940's. I think the last store in Easton closed in 1950's- My great-grandfather, M. Sherrer, was one of the original "firm" - an Easton banker who, along with Solomon Bush and James Bull, founded the stores. Check out also installment loans in santa fe . -- Thanks!

Do you know the name of the Gimbel Brother in charge of the NYC department store in 1947? -- Founder Adam Gimbel and his wife Fridolyn Kahnweiler Gimbel had fourteen children. A few of the children died at a very early age but seven boys went into business with their father and became the actual 'Gimbel Brothers'. By 1947, only one of those brother, Ellis, was still alive but was only affiliated with the Philadelphia division. (Ellis, a beloved figure in Philadelphia, who worked with children in need and founded the country's first Thanksgiving Day Parade, passed away in 1950. Check out also cash loan for the unemployed + no employment.) The figure behind the New York store was Bernard F. Gimbel. Bernard was Isaac's son and founder Adam's grandson. He urged his family to take advantage of an opportunity and open the New York store in 1910. Bernard was well in charge in 1947 and is considered by many to be one of America's great merchants. He passed away in 1966. -- ML

New Courier Post interview with Michael Lisicky about his book on Gimbels.

Have you ever heard of a store named Albert M. See Also $2500 installment loan bad credit. Eisenberg fine furniture? Thank you for any help, bettie -- Sorry, I have not.

I am looking for info about a custom tailor shop owned by Will Price that opened in Pittsburgh in the late 1800's. I do know he also opened a hat store around 1912. See Also instant direct cash lenders . Any help would be greatly appreciated. d byrne, -- As late as 1940, and possibly later (?), the Will Price store was located on 539 Wood in Pittsburgh. The store sold men's suits, shirts, and furnishings and was affiliated with the hatter John Cavanagh Ltd of New York City. Check out also instant cash loans no job . The Will Price establishment advertised in 1940 that it was established in 1877 and was "Pittsburgh's Oldest and Finest Men's Store." It also made men's custom suits and shirts. Some men's stores such as Will Price that were established in the 19th century, John Wanamaker for instance, eventually became department stores, but this was not the case with this particular business. Check out also instant tax service complaints 2011. -- JW

WT Grant store in NYC, I think on Broadway. Check out also instant cash unemployed ...selling furniture into the late 1960s.

I miss those old stores. What were once unique and regional Federated/Macys have homogenized the department store to the point of total sameness. Check out also instant cash usa . And without shame they blasted off the local name and splash MACY'S over every store they acquired. Back in the good old days I loved Macy's, and Gimbels, Wannamaker's, Joseph Horne's, Marshall Field's. Not anymore. To me Macy's belongs in a list of 4-letter words.

Looking for the name of a retail store on 5th Ave in the 1930s with the name Blackstone in it; they sold sterling silver flatware. See Also illinois installment loan rates. --I have not heard of it; going beyond department stores it becomes very tough to find information about the hundreds of thousands of stores that came and went in the 20th century. Just maybe a reader will know the answer! -- JW

I'm looking for a photo of a store called Treasure Island that was located in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh, PA. Any ideas on where I could look? Thanks for your help. --You might try the Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections online []. If you find nothing under the store name, try looking for street scenes of the street it was on. See Also installment payday loan lenders online . Just poking around, I have to say I could find nothing and have not heard of a department store by that name. See Also instant loans tn . It is always possible, too, that there simply may be no photos of a smaller store. Good luck! -- JW

I have an old Rich's department store charge plate in the case. Does anyone know the value of this? -- Your best bet is to go on e-Bay and see what similar things are bringing. -- JW

When was the first department store opened? -- Most historians would say the Bon Marche in Paris was the first department store. Though it opened earlier, it began to resemble a department store in the 1860s. In the US some of the earliest true department stores were RH Macy & Co., Jordan Marsh, and John Wanamaker. -- JW

As we are not far from the Holiday Shopping season of 2011, no matter where you live, why not consider supporting some of the remaining traditional department stores that we have. From the larger chains like, Belk, Boscov's, and VonMaur, to regional gems like Halls of Kansas City, Kingmills of London Ontario, and Wilson's of Greenfield Mass., you'll no doubt find what you want, and send a message that many of us still support the almost lost art of traditional retail. You can shop on-line with most of these fine stores, or in the case of Wilson's (a store that reminds me of Hess's), just call them. Check out also instant online cash advances . Happy Shopping! Ken

Add to your list AT Stewart once the largest Dept. store in the world and the first to do mail order (NY) the founder of Garden City LINY Also McCutchens (not sure if this is spelled right) also on 5th Ave NYC. They sold a lot of linens. Just remembered another NY store whose slogan was "Meet me at the fountain" since they had a huge indoor fountain on the main floor by the stair case. -- Virginia Gambardella -- Thanks! There is a lot of debate about whether AT Stewart's store was a true department store or more of a dry goods store. I believe it did not even include a women's bathroom, so kind of short on services for which department stores are famous. I wonder if you might be thinking of the early-20th century Siegel "Big Store" on Sixth Avenue, which had a fountain? -- JW

Now that no longer carries new copies of my book SERVICE AND STYLE (except through expensive 3rd parties), I have decided to sell my private cache. Check out also instant payless day loan . Using send $25 for a postpaid copy sent USPS priority mail. Send payment to In the message box indicate where to send the book and any inscription instructions. -- Yours truly, Jan Whitaker

Michael Lisicky's just-released GIMBELS HAS IT. See Also instant direct payday loan lenders ! is experiencing strong sales and he has already booked a March 12, 2012, speaking engagement at the Mid-Manhattan Library on 40th street near 5th Ave.

Thanks so much for the help with Albany, NY stores.

I've noticed that you have Loveman's on your Missing Stores list. Check out also instant tax complaints. It was a landmark in Birmingham, Alabama and my mother and aunts shopped there religiously; my first job was in Loveman's basement in 1966. It was a fabulous store...and I remember it very well. The clock catty-cornered at the 3rd Avenue North- 19th Street entrance. The Christmas windows were the very best and drew huge crowds. I remember the beautiful elevators, the mezzanine restaurant, the beauty salon, and the candy counter. See Also instant online free loans . I LOVED that almost brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. It was THE place to shop and the service was outstanding. -- WGC -- Loveman, Joseph, and Loeb opened its doors in the "Magic City" of Birmingham in 1870. By the late 1890s, Loveman's business grew so rapidly that it opened a mail order department that offered an extremely popular catalogue. On March 10, 1934, fire broke out in the basement of the store while 3,000 people shopped its floors. Soon afterwards the entire Loveman's store was engulfed in flames. In November 1935, a brand new Loveman's building opened for business. The new Loveman's was the first air conditioned department store in the South and brought escalators to Birmingham. For many years, the slogan for Loveman's Basement was "Shop at the corner known for thrift". For other shoppers, it was simply "Meet you under the clock at Loveman's." After City Stores acquired the store, the New Orleans Christmas mascot Mr. Bingle, from sister store Maison Blanche, became a staple at Loveman's. Loveman's International Festivals drew crowds to downtown. The store branched out into Western Hills, Bessemer, Montgomery, and Huntsville. But as its parent continued to post massive losses, City Stores closed the stores on April 5, 1980. Check out also i need an instant refund on my taxes where can i go. Loveman's was certainly not the only store in town. Pizitz, Parisian, Yielding's, and many others served the city. If you are a fan of Loveman's and Birmingham retail, I strongly recommend Tim Hollis' book, "Birmingham's Theater and Retail District" as part of the Images of America series. See Also online tax refund loan online. -- ML

Does anyone remember the name of the eatery across the street from Bloomingdales in NYC in the 1960s?

I am looking for a name of a wedding shop that was on 6th st in downtown Cincinnati Ohio in 1960. See Also whats the minimum refund amount in order to get it rapidly in springfield il?

Well I'm researching the downtown Appleton Wisconsin known as College Avenue. Check out also payday cash loan. I'd like some info about the old retail stores but I can't seem to find a thing. Help would be well appreciated. --In the mid-20th century there were three department stores, all on College Ave: DG Geenen & Co., Gloudeman's & Gage, and Pettibone-Peabody Co. -- but I really don't know anything at all about them. I would suggest searching on e-Bay to see if you can find any street scene postcards that might give you a glimpse of what stores were there. Check out also instant loans ct . Also, the Appleton Post Crescent has been digitized and if you subscribed to one of the commercial newspaper archives and gained access to it, I'm sure you could find quite a lot of material. -- JW

The only thing that I can add is that Pettibone-Peabody was founded in 1865. It was billed as "the most unusual store in Wisconsin". The four story department store was acquired by HC Prange Co. in 1946.-- ML

Greetings all. I need information about the best department stores in Albany, New York during the 1930s. Check out also instant lenders no credit check . If anyone can help me I'd be thrilled. WGC --I have to admit that Albany has been a very difficult city to obtain large amounts of department store historical documents. Check out also instant tax service cash advance. The major stores in the 1930s, as well as most of downtown Albany's retail life, were Myers and Whitney's. Check out also instant online direct payday lenders . WM Whitney was best known for its famous Thanksgiving Parade, which led Santa right to Whitney's Toyland. Whitney's, founded in 1865, lasted well into the 1960s and reached out into Albany's suburbs with a store in Stuyvesant Plaza in 1964. John G. Myers opened his store in 1870 and closed in 1970, the last downtown Albany department store to do so. Myers Co. was infamous for its famous store collapse. On August 8, 1905, the center section of the store collapsed shortly after the store opened for the day, killing 30. Another important Albany business was Flah & Co. Flah's, an upscale clothier, was a downtown mainstay. It expanded into the Capitol Region suburbs and was acquired by Rochester-based B. Check out also cash today tax. Forman & Co. The Flah name was removed in 1986 and most Albany area stores closed by 1990. Forman's closed up shop in Rochester in August 1994. -- ML

I can add very little to Michael's info. There was Boardman Ltd., which is no more than a mere name mentioned in a catchall list of NY state stores in Hendrickson's The Grand Emporiums. Looking through my notes I have found nothing other than about the 1905 Myer's d

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