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Payday loan company, I'd like to return to Georgia. View Printable Version
: @ Eastern Daylight Time Contributed by 10:42 (Monday), July 09, 2007 administrator

General News Three years ago, lawmakers in Georgia, by passing a bill to shut down the payday loan clothes for all of its worst state, high-interest lenders defeat (cash advance, payday) so far handed over to .

In the loan industry has received millions of dollars in losses. Payday loan chain of the nation's largest, Advance America, after the passage of the law in 2004, 89 Georgia shut down the store. These outlets, according to the company's public filings.Battered by regulatory decisions and other harmful laws of the State of Georgia, to produce sales of $ 19.9 million in 2003, payday lending industry is itself has given a renovated to present a friendly face to many consumers is. It is in February, it is the industry house we've blown a bill to legalize the main advantage lending.The payday and loans payday, shed the image of the looting that, has been tested in March last year by the General Assembly public education is the kick-off the campaign.Whether million dollars. Will be applied to your account overdraft fee at most banks, the Georgian authorities is less expensive to perform than with a payday company more than to save money as usury of the people.
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