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Shipping and Handling
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Q: Do you accept the method of payment. See Also instant cash tonight ?

: We will accept the following.

Lord & Taylor Card Visa
Master Card
American Express
Discover Card

Q: How can I use my coupon to purchase online?

: You are if you have a promotional code, you can replace it during the checkout process to take advantage of special offers.

Q: What will apply sales tax to my order?

: are required by law to charge sales tax applies to orders shipped to other countries with the operation of stores and Lord & Taylor.

Will be charged sales tax on orders shipped to: CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, MI, MO, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA. Tax is calculated at the time of check-out, has been included in the summary of your order.

Q: I submit that is protected by security, your credit card information available?

: In every step of the ordering process online, including Lord & Taylor credit card information, has adopted the encryption (SSL) Secure Socket Layer. SSL renders information unreadable should attempt to intercept it for everyone.

Q: I How can I order via e-mail?

: Although we can not place an order by e-mail, or 1-800-223-7440 at any time, you can contact us by e-mail, please call at any time.

Q: How can I purchase the products that are advertised?

: Most of the items in the catalog of our current, is available for purchase online in seconds. To search for an item from one of our post on our site, enter the source code of the web site in the search box simply. May visit us personally in any of the store, or place an order by calling us at 1-800 -223 -7440 also.

How can I change or cancel an order How: Q?

: After the order is placed, we are to begin processing immediately, unfortunately, can not be canceled or changed it. For further inquiries, please call 1-800-223-7440. When you call, please have your order number.

Q: How do I check the status of my order how?

: When your order is received, again, it has been processed, after it has been shipped, e-mail confirmation message will be displayed. In addition, to view your current and past order, you can log in to your account on our website. In addition, there must be unexpected delays in the processing of your order there, you will receive an e-mail notification.

How do I track my package How: Q?

: Order ships, you will receive a notification e-mail containing a tracking number (s) of your package. See Also instant online installment loans .

Q: I have been notified that the order is out of stock.

: Unfortunately, we could not items you are requested to fulfill your order as out of stock. Account has not been charged and order has been canceled. We apologize that this has caused Okake inconvenience. If you are interested in placing the order you another, your e-mail, or we can be, call 1-800-223-7440 at any time at any time.

Q: When you add an item to the shopping cart for me, it Who will ensure I have the item?

: It is not intended to ensure that before proceeding to check you out in your order, the item is available for sale. Check out also instant loans no lenders . We are working hard to maintain accurate inventory records. If we found a contradiction of inventory, if we can not meet it, we may cancel the order or item. In this case, we will receive an e-mail notification was not able to ship a particular item you have ordered. Check out also textpayday.

Q: suitable for the smartphone version of the Web site. Check out also installment loans indiana ? How can I place an order using it?

: We are developing an application to communicate smart mobile phone, when it is ready. To get the latest updates will remain connected with us on Facebook.

Shipping and Handling

Am I required to pay shipping and handling cost for how much: Q. Check out also instant guarranteed payday loans ?

: Standard, two business days, or Saturday delivery next business day: You can choose from four delivery options.

Fee schedule of the standard delivery

Gift Card:

Lord & Taylor Gift Card

Lord & Taylor Gift Card Virtual

Order total


Up to $ 25.00

$ 5.95

$ 50.00 of $ 25.01

$ 7.95

$ 75.00 of $ 50.01

$ 9.95

$ 100.00 of $ 75.01

$ 10.95

$ 150.00 from $ 100.01

$ 12.95

$ 200.00 from $ 150.01

$ 15.95

$ 300.00 from $ 200.01

$ 17.95

$ 500.00 from $ 300.01

$ 19.95

$ 500.01 or more

$ 24.95

Add the $ 7.00 in transportation costs: the second day delivery.

Transportation costs will add $ 13.00: next-day delivery.

Add the $ 35.00 in transportation costs: Saturday delivery.

Note: The delivery options are available for order on our website.

How long will it take to ship my order: Q?

: Placed in front of 2:00 PM ET, the majority of orders are shipped the same business day. We will ensure that you will be refunded the shipping cost of your order Lord & Taylor, or to be received within 5 business days. Check out also instant payday cash online .

How can I receive the order when: Q?

: For orders shipped within the continental United States, we are shipping to ensure that you receive your order within 5 business days is free of charge.

For the goods:

Order after your order is processed, it has been shipped via UPS ground. Orders until 2:00 pm are shipped the same business day.

Second day delivery:
Order after your order has been processed is shipped in business days 2 UPS.

Next-day delivery:
The order is shipped via UPS overnight after your order is processed.

Saturday delivery:
The order is shipped via UPS overnight after your order is processed.

REGULAR gift card if:

Free of charge via USPS: standard delivery

If the Virtual Gift Card:

Send e-mail within 24 hours from time of order: Virtual Gift Card

To send your virtual gift card today, please order before 3 pm ET. Order after 15:00 ET, the pending approval of the credit card will be processed on the next day.

Purchase of a holiday and will be sent on the next business day.

The wrong that is provided by the buyer, delivery to an e-mail address of artifacts is the responsibility of the buyer.

Delivery to an e-mail address does not exist, it is the responsibility of the buyer. There is no expiration date virtual gift card.

Q: Can you ship my order outside the U.S. Can you?

A: At this time, we do not ship outside of the United States.

Q: You have to ship my order to a PO Box Can I. Check out also instant cash advance loan ?

A: At this time, we will apologize to post office box appreciate your business does not provide shipping for the inconvenience this will cause.

Q: My order will contain fragrance. Does it can be expressed in the shipment?

Regulations: Federal aviation safety, to prevent the shipment of fragrance through the atmosphere due to its alcohol content. Please choose the standard delivery for shipment of these items. Check out also instant payday loan companies . In addition, the fragrance, it can be shipped only to addresses within the continental U.S.

Returns & Exchanges

Q: exchange rate policies and return / What is your. Check out also installment loans no direct deposit ?

: Please , click here to read our return exchange policy. Check out also instant payday loan actual lenders .

Can I return products which are returned as: Q?

: You have two options to send the item back to us for a return.

Use the prepaid label that is included in your package individually - Option 1. Fee of $ 6.95 will be applied.

# Please fill out the return section of the invoice, including items and reason codes

- Repackage the item, is included in the package bill

Following the return package label to cover the original label pasted

To schedule a pick-up and free, or delete your package in place of all USPS

$ 6.95 is applied to account for using a prepaid shipping label.

Return on your own - Option 2

# Please fill out the return section of the invoice, including items and reason codes

- Repackage the item, is included in the package bill

For your convenience, you can use a pre-addressed return label before packing. See Also instant same day cash loans .

Please send or e-mail.

Lord & Taylor Attn:

Returns the boulevard section 250 Highland.

Wilkes - Barre, Pennsylvania 18702

-Pay the postage to any delivery service of your choice

For your protection, we would recommend shipping your return to ensure

Q: How can I print a shipping label for return of online?

: To print a shipping label for return of online, please click here. Account will be charged $ 6.95.

Q: If I or the error has been damaged If you receive an item, what should I do?

: If you receive an item or error, it has been damaged, please contact customer service at 1-800-223-7440 to receive a return authorization.

Q: I am a member ShopRunner. How do I find a free return label where?

: Please see the to generate a return shipping label for free.

Can you keep track of how revenue: Q?

: When your return is processed, you will receive an e-mail notification. Since we receive your package in order to receive credit, it takes five business days. If you use a prepaid shipping label to ship our items you are returned, click here to track your shipment.

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Credit to the Lord & Taylor Card

Please note that credit may take 72 hours to post to your account.

Credit major credit card

Credit, please note that it takes two billing cycles are described in the specification of the account.

Pricing policy

Q: What is What is your pricing policy. See Also instant loans no bank accounts ?

: We are committed to the accuracy of the ad. There is time, however, that error, the description of the product, or arising from price and availability. If we want to be executed orders for stock less overwhelming, reserves the right to limit orders. We reserve the right to correct typographical errors omissions, errors or, at any time without notice, including after the order has been sent. If any inconvenience this we are encountered apologize.

Q: adjustment policies and what is your price?

: When the price adjustment request is made for an item that is marked down within 7 days of the date of purchase permanently. No price adjustments are not made for temporary price reductions.

How do I get the price adjustment How: Q?

: Please visit us at one of the store or call us at 1-800-223-7440 within 7 days from the date of order. Please Ensure that you have prepared the receipt of your order.

And mailing list E-MAIL

How can I receive the notification and sale of Lord & Taylor coupon How: Q?

: You may sign up online for sale via e-mail notifications and receive a coupon for the store.

Q: Will Lord & Taylor, sell or rent my email address to other companies. See Also instant loans no fee ?

No: A. We analyze the statistics and trends, depending on your request, such as notification of new products and services, special offers of our company, the ordering and tracking of such confirmations, the individual that you provide for internal purposes You are using the identifying information. Check out also instant payday approval loans .

We are please consider the personal information you choose to share with us is that you are sensitive. See Also instant loans from actual lenders . To sell or rent your personal or identifying information to be submitted through our web site is not available. For more information about our privacy policy, please refer to our website.

Q: promotion catalogs and I am always late. Why is that?

: The Company will deliver to the post office in the area of a lot of time to meet the delivery date of our home. Unfortunately, to control the local post office can not be, when they are delivered to individual households. See Also payday advance loans. If the apartment complex / large apartment is present, it can be a problem of quantity of leaflets, etc. can be individual carriers / magazine / letter from time to time to accommodate. See Also instant payday loans for you .

Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. This e-mail has become frustrating for the company to issue all the material always gave. This is not really a problem with the Lord & Taylor. See Also installment loans from new lenders . Please contact the postmaster general in your area.

You may sign up online to receive special offers and catalogs via e-mail us also, as an alternative.

Q: I am, that if you live far away from Lord & Taylor location, add me to your mailing list available?

: Unfortunately, you send a mailer to the address of the area outside of our stores are located at this point can not be. If you have Internet access, you are welcome to sign up on our website to receive special offers and promotions via e-mail us. Check out also fast pay day loan but havnt got a bank account. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause.

Contact credits

How do I apply for the Lord & Taylor Card How: Q?

: You can apply either in Lord & Taylor, credit card, or store online. See Also installments loans no credit check .

How do I contact the credit department how: Q?

: You can view your account information online to call 1-866-465-8292 with more questions about your account or you can. When you call, please have the account number.

Gift card

More about gift cards & gift card our virtual

Lord & Taylor gift card, there is no cost no expiration date expired, has not been redeemed at both the store and And PIN number of your virtual gift card, you will need to contact us for all #. Also sales tax, may be applied to the order of all products, including the purchase of gift cards.

Delivery of a virtual gift card to an e-mail address of artifacts is the responsibility of the purchaser, but the wrong that is provided by the buyer.

Virtual Gift Card has been received in error, will be subject to cancellation.

Do you want to check the balance of the gift card how: Q?

: 1-800-950-5327 or by what you call a gift card is online, you can see the balance. Check out also instant online loans uk .

You can also check the balance between sales associate in one of the store, or in the price scanner.

How do I purchase a gift card how: Q?

: To ensure the security of your order online, gift cards is a "scratch off" box of silver, you must include the PIN # that is located on the back of the card. Check out also applied for loan with cash converters on weekend when will i receive approval.

Gift Card without PIN, you can be redeemed at any Lord & Taylor store to exchange a gift card # # PIN or you can. See Also installnent loans .

How do I exchange my gift card PIN number either of How: Q?

: You may call us at 1-800-223-7440, or be able to exchange a gift card at any of our stores. In addition, you may want to mail the gift card.

Lord & Taylor
250 Highland Park Boulevard.
Wilkes - Barre, Pennsylvania 18702
ATTN: fulfillment

How do I make a virtual gift card purchase of How: Q. See Also instant loans no employment verify ?

: You can print a virtual gift card, redeemable at any store of Lord & Taylor. Will present a print-out to sell an assistant professor at the time of purchase, any simply. Check out also zest loan.

To order online, simply enter the number of the virtual gift card, PIN number is created during the check out process.

Q: enterprise, or may receive a discount on gift card?

Corporate: purchase of more than $ 1,000 are subject to a 10% discount at the gift card.

Product Inquiry

How do I find items that have been in the shop advertising and how: Q?

: Some items are only available in the store. To search for items on the line, in the online search box, you can enter the source code from the catalog. If you can not find an item online, please visit the store Lord & Taylor would be happy to help you sell an assistant professor.

Do you have all of the online products that can be stored in a Lord & Taylor: Q?

:, offers a select assortment of products. All items in the store is not available online.

Q: Where can I find warranty information of the product?

: For a free copy of the manufacturer's warranty, please fill out the appropriate items:

Lord & Taylor guarantee
424 Fifth Avenue.
New York, NY 10018

Please include the item description and name of the manufacturer of your request.

Q: I can not find the item I'm looking for. I want to search for it How?

: In order to find the brand of the item you are looking for, please click the brand in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then, to display all the items available for sale, click on the particular brand.

General Information

Do you offer gift wrap you: Q?

: We will wrap the gift for a nominal fee of $ 5.95 for each item happily. In rare instances, the selected gift wrap another wrap of the best suit your choice, it will be replaced, and that is not available.

Q: Can I add a gift more than one item in one gift box, is this possible?

Our current system, it gives the option to add multiple items in one gift box is not possible. Each item will be gift wrapped separately.

Can you see the difference between how the wrap gift items: Q. See Also instant garanteed loan deposit ?

: In order to show how such items are located in the box which was wrapped gift, we will place the item on the invoice number and the seal with the corresponding number on the box.

Q: Do you provide a personal shopping service?

: We are to you, offers a personal shopping service that is personalized and convenient free. Please see the details here.

Q: Do you have a size chart of the site?

A: Yes, we will provide all clothing size chart on the site. See Also installment loans in one hour . Because they depend on the designer, please find the one you want to the page of a particular product. It on the item name, are placed in the second tab.


Q: Can I open a coupon by e-mail is not allowed.

: Sorry for the inconvenience. We, or your computer. If you are using another software program Adobe Reader to open the file format of PDF, does not suggest that please open the e-mail by using the program.

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