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How to protect your savings from inflation

It is the highest since 1991 - the numbers released today, the retail price index, which indicates that the rise 5.5pc last month. Consumer Price Index - the Government's preferred measure of inflation - high food addition, fuel prices are primarily driven by clothing, and rising. It is now standing at 4.4pc - more than twice the recommended goal of many governments. See Also installment loans no employment verification .

Mark Dampier of Hargreaves Lansdown said: "It is more than a transition to the real killer from the environment of low inflation - may be badly hurt both stocks and bonds."

But he was completely negative people that there are certain assets that can help to save their strong inflation, rather than in terms of, and may benefit if interest rates began to rise later this year can.

The most common ways to combat inflation below. Many may involve additional risk your money - you, if you step up the risk ladder, please make sure to seek appropriate advice.


Since withdrawing its index-linked certificates of national saving and investment, there is a gap in the market for risk-free savings beat inflation. Check out also instant loan online lender . This government-backed savings provider The prime minister is expected to announce the launch of the new challenges of popular products like this in his budget speech.

NS & I will not withdraw from this market, some small savings provider, has plugged a gap in his account, there is a tendency to sell out very quickly. Check out also installment payday loans .

Today, Birmingham Midshires, Yorkshire and saffron building society savings and postal mail, provide a product that is linked to the return of inflation.

At the post office will pay the return of retail price index plus 1.5 percentage points, providing a 5-year bonds. RPI is, if you stand 5PC years from now, when interest was added to the account, money will be added to your 6. See Also instant paydayloans .5pc. The minimum investment is 500.

While the minimum investment is 3,000, Yorkshire Building Society is the same return (RPI plus 1.5pc) offers a. Saffron Building Society and Birmingham Midshire pays a return equal to RPI both. Three-year option Birmingham Midshires, as well as for those who do not want to lock their money away for so long, while having a 5-year bonds, Saffron Building Society is offering a six-year bond and.

Savers is a decrease in inflation, these bonds are paid in return so, you should recognize that. Check out also instant loan into bank account .

Personal loans UK: Good way to get the value and

(PRWEB) November 11, 2004

In recent years, personal loans, has become a common solution for many consumers looking to raise funds for various purposes. Check out also instant decision personal loans . From your holiday debt consolidation, purchasing a car or other, you can get all sorts of things personal loans. It is not cheap personal loans available for a variety of competitive financial institutions, in order to get the great financing is much easier these days.

Then financing package, to be able to make informed decisions with regard to providing the best price and terms needs and budget, "It's a quote and deals on personal loans are always We recommend that you compare the number. This helps to ensure you enjoy cheap personal loans and low repayments, you can find the added benefit of such payments, such as punctuation and you can. "CEO Christos Margetis of (CEO), said after running a serious investigation in the UK personal loan market.

Currently, a survey of more than 1,000 British adults have a personal loan is at least 55% shows that use them to transfer existing balances.

The Internet has become a major source of cheap loans faster. Many financial consumers are looking for personal loans for various reasons, tend to be online a lot to gain. Not only is able to check various information about your personal loan online, you can apply online personal loan you as well. This, you can speed up the process, in many cases, can lead to instant decision-making principle.

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