Debt Settlement Order Unsolicited Text Message

This is a fraud - Please do not reply to either of the methods

(Referred to as "DRO" or "debt relief order", in some cases)

I just this minute, I almost certainly fake, has received an unsolicited text messages.

Landline text messaging

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I quick search of Google, which does not reveal information about the number of the source of the message itself, I thought I'd post it here. Check out also instant payday loans for unemployed .


There was a message I received:

- News Alerts order: debt settlement, people to apply the STOP 2 stop txt txt the [OK] it has been introduced means that you can apply to have wiped debt-ridden. Check out also payday loan lenders.

Other variants are as follows.

- The government has introduced a debt settlement order, which means that you can apply to the application of txt the [OK] debt-ridden people, it is to have wiped. See Also georgia direct lenders . TXT STOP 2 stop

- Debt settlement order has been introduced, people, to apply the liability of the response, it means that you can apply if you are suffering from debt wiped this.

- The government has introduced a debt relief order. People can have the debt wiped forever struggling to pay bills. Text information for more information. (: To stop text STOP reference, debt relief order )

- The new law, debt-ridden, they can be applied to which it is now written off. . For more information, text stop or opt-out 'INFO' word of the text (see: the new legislation - the debt amortization )

Suspiciously similar look in a different theme, something.

- FREEMSG: Our record shows that having the right to receive 3,750 pounds of the accident with you. (See reply to claim free to opt for this msg.To text "STOP YES out a text message of accident claims 3750 )

And products (20/03/2011), one of the, recently helps to get a 15K loan Fast :

- You are looking for aloan to 15k. There is no guarantee no. The day of payment. Click on the people with bad credit a [OK]. Completely online. Please see the opt-out to stop responding

I received a message from par debt free Corporation to 28/04/2011:

- Get a FREE DEBT own this year! For more information, reply with "info" to this number. Government backed scheme. Reply. Start off fresh. Plus the 1000. PER, Inc.

Also, just an empty text message

Reports from the following numbers:

  • +447510800284 / 07510800284
  • +447510800287 / 07510800287
  • +447510800365 / 07510800365
  • +447510800381 / 07510800381
  • +447510800421 / 07510800421
  • +447510819470 / 07510819470
  • +447510819480 / 07510819480
  • +447510819489 / 07510819489
  • +447510821034 / 07510821034
  • +447511435429 / 07511435429
  • +447565477802 / 07565477802
  • +447771759752 / 07771759752
  • +447775131171 / 07775131171
  • +447766621230 / 07766621230
  • +447780189486 / 07780189486
  • +447788585481 / 07788585481
  • +447796599282 / 07796599282
  • +447798969275 / 07798969275
  • +447825038518 / 07825038518
  • +447909285452 / 07909285452
  • +447917863816 / 07917863816
  • +447979924890 / 07979924890

If you have others, please let me know.

UPDATE: I stopped maintaining this list after the number of 20 or so. In reality, more points are (as detailed in the comments below). People as can be searched by number, however, please repeater. The first thing they see is fraud in all excellent! The case of)

This is a fraud. Text messages (evidence cencrete to suggest this is not) / Spammers fraud your number is legitimate, nor may cost money, can lead to text spam to multiple, "STOP" but tells you that you may. Check out also installment loans n0 credit score .

The above message has been reproduced as it is. You, instead of comma use of fullstops, 'then,' so please note the use '2 'and' later, wiping the phrase 'and. Check out also instant payday loans into savings . Exactly, wipe the what? Founder is outside the specialty, has been chancing their luck.

The best thing to do is, simply want to delete this message is a warning to others.

Help me! I did a reply!

Have expressed some of the respondants said that they are after you reply to the number, and came to this page, some concerns. Your number is evidence to suggest that to happen except that it is a flag of receiving future messages do not have anything. Also, since you may receive a call from the so-called debt management company, I think I encourage you to ignore it, and politely refuse.

I wanted to waste my time, I am curious, took most of the reason was, the bold step of a reply. You can read more about it in my post Affiliate Data Systems - "accident claims" a fraud .

For those who do not speak to one of the companies this prepetrating, it would be useful to know whether it is they who, from a number of what they got in touch with you. Here, if you can post this number, we can only raise awareness. I also know people who are anxious to purchase their lead from them.

For adventure, why not try to waste my time Why? The string them along. You may have spent 10 pounds as a "lead" them already potential. In order to prevent them, it means that the lead company shall return to them and perhaps to waste his time, to follow up the lead from the other.

Are you a victim?

Screenchannel TV is looking for people to share their experiences and are making a new series on debt and loans. Consider the response has been, or who are victims of this scam, if you are interested in participating, you can read more this article .


Back in May 2009, The Guardian, article written by new mobile threats - spam to go . It recommends the number of organizations you can contact.

To complain about the incorrect text, go to or call your Advertising Standards Authority 020 7492 2222 ~ ~ V

In spite of the text message "stop", to resolve the ongoing mobile phone spam, go to, or to contact the ICO 01625 54 fifty-seven forty-five Www. See Also installment unsecured loan .Ico.Gov.Uk / Complaints.Aspx

For help with text spam in premium rates, log on to either call the PhonepayPlus on 0800 500 212 / Make-A output complaint.aspx /

You may report these messages to your provider. The following links may help.

Vodafone - To report spam text messages if the same. See Also instand cash ? Spam messages to the (87,726) will be displayed forward VSPAM.

Orange - stop spam text messages . You are located in Orange, if you get a spam message, please forward them to the 7726 phone free from Orange. By doing this, you have to support the orange to match the information to help reduce the spam messages that are sent to you or others.

02 In addition, you can report in 7726. Please refer to. The SPAM and unwanted subscription text

I also, if it is three and T-Mobile, would try to forward the message to 7726.

You can also try NumberCop and the

It How does it work?

There are appalling, yet charming, well worth reading.

The bulk purchase of SIM card, from companies of "lead" dedicated, setup is a very elaborate impersonation of the mobile phone number and Ebay, neglibile cost to you also (to put in place relatively simple to do it for you, advertising can be equivalent to pay someone else).

Thanks to the help and other resources to the comments section of this article, I was able to put together a comprehensive article on how this all on the net

Who are they?

First, it is not: Who I'm guessing a lot of people companies can recognize a large, immediately some and may be responsible, evidence to suggest this is not. Merciless spamming is greater, and this ceaseless mainly of random scale. Results of large companies broke the strict data protection rules is disastrous in terms of loss of business and reputation and subsequent legal action.

After a lot of research in my original response to this question is "I do not know" with, was, I do not yet. Because it is the "many" is the answer, to this is, but there is a reason.

One of the things that I have found, the area of Manchester is the number of respondents reported receiving a call from the number 0161 is that it is a hotbed for these types of companies at first glance. I also recently had a conversation with one accident of Manchester sound again the number 0161.

Than this is covered in the article on how it works ,

Would be much appreciated other useful links related to the above. Check out also installment loans in milwaukee . It can also help you build a good image than what is going on all. See Also instant loans ct .

I, that you will reply, but we do not recommend, if you arrived here after you do, it is because you prefer not to be published then, all comments, hear your experiences have been moderated, the company name if you indicates that only such as would appreciate it if you could, you will not be able to it. See Also quick loans no credit checks instant payouts online in south africa.

Please let me know if you receive a call after you read this, and try to find as much information as possible. Fraud tries to back to waste their time, keep them on your mobile phone, them!

Thank you!

I can express enough gratitude to all who have contributed can not really. Since posting the original article, I received an unprecedented response from the people. Check out also installment loans in ks . This post will be ranked in the top three in order of Google search debt settlement! For comments, everyone, thank you very much. Please keep them coming, of course, let's get this is to be recognized by BBC Watchdog . Check out also instalment payday loans direct lenders .


Projection of this story is executed, and so will continue to be run, would be useful to publish a timeline of events and stores related to this: I

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Simon is the lead-covered it - April 2, 2011 text of the debt believe that fraud, and want to lie to the weak problem: consumption of the Independent newspaper.

- April 4, 2011 of 3,750 text messages of accident claims has posted an article.

- April 5, 2011 a new law - debt amortization spam variant occurs, and subsequent articles has been posted.

April 28, 2011 - two messages from par debt free Corporation of Electronics, Information and the subsequent article text message spam posts will be displayed. See Also instant cash advance approval .

May 11, 2011 - sold out spam text messages Untied Loan Insurance miss it receives a subsequent article has been posted.

- Sixth June 2011 you have not yet claimed the compensation of accident - a text message fraud report and subsequent articles are posted.

- June 22, two thousand and eleven URGENT! If you were a bank loan taken out before the spam text messages in 2007, and the subsequent article on reception

- June 22, 2011 looking for a payday loan or - spam text message is received, the article later, has been posted.

July 21, 2011 - government debt, and the help of spam text messages received, and posted a future article.

August 22, 2011 - interest rates and loan, credit card - Frozen spam text messages it receives a subsequent article has been posted.

Other fraud

The world is full of people you try to separate the money from their vulnerability. If you are interested, you can read my blog a series of telephone fraud of Windows support , based in India. Its value, so you can alert the family and friends, you need to know.

e family and friends, you need to know. See Also installment loans in philippines .

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