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Evidence | | draw conclusions Analysis | Data | | Putting it all together this week to organize the data to understand the need for data analysis together is performed independent data analysis activities. This week's Excel project, meet the requirements of TCO 9, has been designed to summarize all the things you have learned in a week 5 to week. The focus of TCO is as follows. Given the data in a database application, conduct an analysis of the data in the spreadsheet program, summarizes the analysis, makes recommendations to management, to prepare the report. You'll need is provided in the data, to analyze the data in three different ways. You will need to provide a report and then, using the summary and recommendations. See Also instant no telecheck no income . In the past few weeks, you have been provided by the step-by-step instructions as I've been using the lab we have now, you, the spreadsheet will have the opportunity to retrieve the data that has been exported from the database of the company to format it as a professional, you run the data. See Also instant no fax cash loans . The analysis. In this lecture, we will look at the steps I followed in my professional as you are faced with the problem on the data analysis they are open-ended, please walk to the process of completing the analysis.

Understand the need for data analysis

Northwind Traders, Inc., sells food to special international buyers from all over the world. Current management, as well as gasoline prices, rising transportation costs due to problems such as competition is realized that it is cut into the company's profit margins. In order to reduce the increase of costs and benefits, they can perform an analysis of sales data has been hired. They contain three years of sales data, has provided us a set of data from the sales database. This data set contains the following information for each order.
Product order date country order the first name of sales rep last name and product category was originated, the quantity of items ordered, the discount given to all customers from price item unit price of the Product Name Product ordered
The Northwind Traders, in order to verify the location can be done to reduce, but can have a company look at the cost of the whole, at the same time, they will be enabled to help them increase sales revenue of their their sales, I would like to determine whether there is a tend. You need to present them to report only recommendation based on the data have been provided you, you, and analyze the data and conclusion. You are using data in Excel, graphs, and tables in order to justify these recommendations.

To organize data

In the real world, data that is used in the analysis, which often comes from external sources. If you would have seen this week, you first need to import the data extracted from the database to Excel. In four weeks, please remember that we tried to import the data. The first step is to understand the format of the data. It has been provided by our data to a text file, open the file in Notepad, you can check it to determine whether it is a fixed format or delimited format it. Import Wizard Excel ([data] tab, from the text command, get a group of external data) as was used for each of the items you confirm that you have selected the correct delimiter you, the imported you will want to set the appropriate data type. ILAB it back to 4 weeks, may be beneficial to check the video of the lab and procedures.

Once the data into Excel, we are following the guidelines in the format of the study, provides a professional format during the first week of class. Any formatting features of this list is more readable Are there any. Check out also instant payday advances of 300.00 ? What type of document, what to provide in order to set that the data is easy to follow. Check out also instant online loans uk ? Are you the author explains, the purpose, and date, and to analyze the data, you need to add a sheet of the document book that provides information about each sheet to be created. Since we are looking at sales data for the entire, but you also review the data in order to verify whether there is a calculation of all necessary to provide to give detailed information about the sales of general you will want. See Also cash advance. For example, Do you want to calculate the total revenue from the sale of each were made how?

Analyze data

Of course, you have a set of tools on how to analyze the data at this point. Your goal is to try out the tools to make sure that trend may become apparent as the start of work on the data. Check out also 1st choice payday loans . When you begin to explore its meaning, draw conclusions, please note that you can not copy data to a new worksheet. The following are some strategies that may be used are as follows. See Also instant tax service loan .
To sort the data. Please note that you can not sort using multiple levels of sorting. And date, please try to sort by product. Have you been price increases over time like? Did affect the sales of these price increases like? Sort by product and discount level. The discount has increased the sale of the product? Discount at all levels appears to be more effective available?
Sales of the graph over time to see the trend. Low-frequency peak and one of the sales Do you have any? Sales any time of year there are between them is a high-tech

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