Can I Loan My Windows XP Install Disk To Friends Online Tech Support Help Ask Dave Taylor

It might be a stupid question really, I have recently had a family friend who bought 6yr old Compaq computer that is running the Windows 98. Her father now, but like to update Windows2000, I'm / Restore of Windows XP is still my girlfriend to be able to update to Windows XP, she was asked to install the disk Once out, she found. Regardless I just want to know - Is this legal? Or should I be charged a man chasing a black jacket? (Worst case scenario laughs). Want to know if I have to share the disk if it is just a good friend?

Answer Dave:

Well, this is itself a bad question, but somehow I think you already know the answer. The answer is to install on one computer, and it has been licensed to other non-open source operating system, almost all with Windows XP.

Apple has this restriction, even Panther, say, from Tiger, if you upgrade both theoretical desktop and laptop, you'll need to buy two copies of the OS .

Realistically, however, I discovered a few people follow the letter of the law and the operating system. See Also instant online money loans . If you have both a laptop and desktop PC if someone, for example, in most cases they are, in order to upgrade to newer versions of Windows both use the same OS installation disk.

For Windows XP Pro, for example, you really need to order additional licenses directly from Microsoft. In theory, but additional licenses at a discount, there are many hoops you must jump before you know the exact price. Do you want the full version of Pro in Windows XP? It is just one computer, try to set up a $ 300 return.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Check out this Comparison Guide Microsoft Licensing Microsoft has to get a sense of spaceRutsu a lot of money.

As I said, to be completely fair to Apple, has the exact same approach too. It is the single-user version of their $ 199 $ 129 "Family Pack" is the reason to sell. Meanwhile, the family pack, up to five computers, it is $ 40 per system, not a bad deal too, you can install the OS on.

All of this complexity, Linux is an open source one big reason that appeals to the type of company. Without legal complications, one had purchased a CDROM set, you are allowed to install on many computers as you like.

I hope this clears things up!


* I remember the day the way that it works before SP1 a while back without being registered only * XP. The reason is that much better, but as they are based on morality and money, I thought I might as well mention this. After all, being unable to start your OS can be quite a shock.

The big problem here is that you could not comfortably run XP computer six years. Check out also instant no credit check loans . You are a it (whether legally) It is possible to install and run molasses slow and could not possibly enjoy it.

Do you have enough RAM on your computer? 512 is the only thing that is probably trying to do unless you are surfing, but I recommend a minimum. (Nothing else at the same time period. Of course, Mac users can not be used to indicate a kind of multitasking, right. See Also instant no credit personal loans ?) (Ducking my joke. And I'm not joking. I See I believe that the first generation of the Son, not by shifting us from the browser into a word processor to extend the seat immediately . See Also installment loans with no credit ... I would probably not immediately, so that secure, end any Mac, I have no experience - books. Check out also instant payout loans .)

What size hard drive do? 1 gigabyte drive, six years ago was BIG. How do I believe that XP is great, but I guess it has been eating a lot about it.

I kick the bottom of the box covered with a huge tin that you can be hit on the head in order to monitor its putty-colored, low-end computers that are running around $ 500 to upgrade your old computer XP, as soon as you purchase your desk and think that throwing money away, I hope the new Dell sophisticated as it can be installed.

Computer was six years old. HAHAHAHAHA. (I'm not laughing, but it is as old as my daughter. Check out also instant direct paydayloans !)


I do not have a legally licensed version of the student's XP Pro. See Also instant 1 hour patday loans . The problem is that I do how many desktops you can legally install it? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

- You read the EULA that comes with the OS to install XP Pro on a student (on a CD it is available from the start and type / help and it is in the EULA) or (1 1-800 - how to call 800-642-7676 for more desktops in the Microsoft MICROSOFT), and ask for them.

I do not need to reinstall Windows XP Home on my PC, there is no disk in order to do so. I have the key code on my computer yet. Is there anywhere I can get the disc? I tried the HP, they are my computer, since 2001, and they do not have one anymore and I is that you must buy a new computer at all ... .. . is, is this true?

: To Christine

Windows XP came out in 2001. It holds on to certain computers six years. My computer is about 6 years old, works as fast as any computer just to date. Check out also instant online funding uk .

Do not put a copy of Win XP on other computers sane, unlkess how well they are always online to track you. See Also installtion loan . Your address, or simply because, to me, if you use multiple licenses on your PC, exactly how do you track Microsoft you? Replace the code for something else say, when you create a version of Windows XP, you must enter your personal information that you please do not enter your name if you dont worry about it for personal use then, in order to make money if you buy a disc that needs to be licensed, that fraud is just do it. In order to generate different code for every computer, ativati on a single PC to enter the code, the code is very different from a separate input.

This post is four years old at this point, I thought id mention that the company has also come in versions XP. To find a user with a disk to download it (yes, it is illegal) business with. Consider, Microsoft is I wouldnt feel bad about it too much lol, and nearly two OS before XP. )

Hey John, I agree! Comp. Companies, like people love Kristin. Mine is as easy as provided in 7 years ago Dell, and my neighbors are asked to use it in time to have his problems in his eight months. The old Dell. We both are connected to the cable. I've done this all I ever hear from the fans that I always noisy, and use my air compressor to blow out and fans every year or two inside. Wayne

Do you take me as I had bought to be able to transfer all data from the 40 mg to 250 GB, 250 GB hard drive lpease I was new?

This is very frustrating. I have a disk that has the XP license code, I can not to install it. I have a legal copy of Windows XP Home Edition registration had been pre-installed on a PC machine, electronic disks that work in the computer brand. Check out also instant approval loan lenders . I also have a licensed copy of Windows XP Professional-up had to be made available to buy things. I want to perform a new installation on a new computer, do I have to fork out that re-installing the new disk to disk or a new license when I work now. See Also instant loans uk . This rip-off is appropriate. I should receive a new set of XP Professional installation disc I own a license to move indeed. How can I get some from?

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