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Personal loan

Whether you are looking for funding extra to offer again in your home, or to replace the old car you want to raise funds quickly for the purposes of value, we have our personal you can meet the needs of your Instalment Loan. See Also instalment loans -employment information .


Hope you have easy access to cash for those unexpected needs you? Our personal overdraft only provide a limited freedom to use and is approved as long as your interest is charged on usage.

Includes features and conditions -
  • Application for Overdraft Loan / Complete
  • In the case of car loans and receipts and / or vehicle registration bill
  • Financing requirement of up to 90%
  • 5 years tenor and overdraft loans of up to 12 months

In our Personal Instalment loans, monthly payments are fixed monthly, this will help you better manage your money. Using our personal overdraft when you need it you can get immediate access to cash.

For more information on Standard Chartered Personal Instalment or overdraft loans, please visit our offices to talk with our staff, or call us.

Terms and Conditions apply to the bank.

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