Ripoff Report Instant Tax Service

Instant NTS is a complete fraud! RAL NO, a drunken, HOODWINKED, fraud, MYISHA LEONARD month I check out their instant cash loans, 2011, the third (ITS) did not go on. I have my 2010 tax return, ect, ect, ect are about to request a data sheet to fill . Check out also instant tax service loan .... Agent (Myisha Leonarnd is) Then I want it I dont want that advanced to the instant case would receive a loan of $ 10 Master Card. Basically $ 10 loan.

The agent then, W from my last pay check stubs from last year - two-wanted copies. This was probably whether or not I qualify for an instant loan. Okay I was OK. Agent (Myisha Leonard) said I need to qualify for something and I pressed a few buttons on her computer. 50.00 dollars, at least she is not telling me. She and another agent to move up and down 5 or 10 minutes later she asked me about my paper would finish the job for a loan. Her name is not known. At this point I was very confused by this process has been very frustrating. Check out also instant guaranteed approval payday loans . This agent is currently, to tell me to get a $ 10 card in this site yet.

At this point I can tell them to keep $ 10 and you want to return all of my information. Check out also instant loan with no fee . Then I will see my mobile phone text message telling me the insight that I have $ 10. Still did not have my card. How do I do I have $ 10? Leonard submitted Myisha happening now! Has to explain over. She informs me that the loan does not meet the requirements for every moment that I do. I do not want to say to her now $ 10. She then told me that my refund would this card. Really awesome! How is it? I do not have permission to submit my tax her once.

So now, to me she (RAL) expected to begin to describe the loan quickly. So she can submit my bank loan, I said that you need to call her on January 14. At that point I must have a partial refund on my card in this site within 12-48 hours. My day 14 (ITS) is called, could not reach anyone at the office. Later that day I decided to investigate the status of my refund and then stopped. Check out also instant approval loan lenders . I was greeted by Mr. Leonard, she was said to be a while before it can give any information about Waldo me.

However, I RAL is sent, it was a Monday is a holiday, I will receive a text message on Tuesday, May 18. I have some questions about the types of documentation for this RAL, and was told I would receive something in the e-mail me about it. I started calculating the numbers given on the work of God that I did not add any numbers. See Also instant loan lenders . So Leonard Myisha print some new pieces of paper were successfully added to me afterwards. Today is Tuesday and can not reach someone on the phone once again I can not. So I checked myself and the IRS, had to decide whether they even received my return. See Also instant payday loan online uk . They were at this time.

So I go back to the ITS, Mr. Leonard said. I have an attitude and she's looking for them to refund it, you can see im not the only person maximum. Myisha is said to be necessary to verify the card in my site regularly throughout the day to me. She is, if I did not approve the RAL, I would like to know at 8:00 pm. See Also instalment loans without bank statemnets . I would receive a phone call and. Wednesday is not the time ofcourse, call, do not have money. I again call the Myisha get a new story. Now I, I do not have the loan is approved, I am notified that I get a refund for 28 days at 9 am. I will return when I look at is very worried at this point.

Please check my data base of electronic files for the refund of my status at a later date. I had borrowed 79 dollars to find state. I was informed it that way by the state entered by the creator of my taxes. I had not even noticed until it is filed state taxes. Briefly, IRS is not told me my refund was paid to the Urban Trust Bank. Myisha is said to ensure my refund now she is 28. See Also instant loans ny approval . This is a scam coplete. Please go here and do nothing. They will trap you into a scam.

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