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Subject: Hermitage art museum, the date the report of the second major tax refund fraud committed by the official tax exposure in Moscow Sergei Magnitsky: September 8, 2011 Thu


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Hermitage reported the fraud perpetrated by the second major tax refund of the tax official in Moscow Sergei exposure Magnificent Tsuki

September 8, 2011 - Today, a lawyer acting on behalf of Hermitage Capital, the tax office in Moscow has filed a criminal complaint and the investigation committee Russian state show evidence of $ 42 million tax refund illegal was approved by 28 do not have was. See Also cash advances. This is the third major illegal tax refund that was discovered as part of the investigation was started by the late Sergei Magnificent Tsuki Hermitage lawyer. Refund to the company was called TekhProm in early 2008 and late 2007. Refund was confirmed by the same Russian Interior Ministry department was in charge of the arrest and torture unjustly Sergei Magnificent Tsuki.

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Previously, lawyers Hermitage Capital is the Russian authorities the same from the company was stolen from the refund unauthorized another $ 1. See Also instant pay advance a approved .07 billion from the company Hermitage Capital, has been previously owned, two in 2007 from 28 does not have a tax investigation Renaissance Capital in 2006 by then filed a complaint similar to the Russian authorities indicate that it has approved a refund of $ 130 million fraud.

Refund fraud "This new. In addition, shows a pattern of systematic activity organized crime the highest level of ministries and interior tax of Russia, to change his testimony about the unfair, forced him Magnificent spokesman Sergei arrested Tsuki to, shows the willingness of law enforcement authorities of Russia to torture. of the "Hermitage Capital says officials of the Ministry of the Interior.

In all three cases, the fraudulent tax refund has been granted by the 28 does not have a tax investigation of Moscow was headed by Orugasutepanowa teacher at the time of the fraud. Check out also same day cash from taxes online. She was appointed to the beginning of this year as an advisor to several billion suppler Chief Executive Officer of RosOboronPostavka (CEO), the Russian Ministry of Defense then. Check out also installment loans in colorado .

In all three cases, the fraudulent tax refund has been money laundering through banks of a small Russian convicted felon universal savings bank, preferably, that are owned by Dmitry Kluev.

At the end of 2007, 28 tax office in Moscow do not have approved the majority of the refund of tax benefit of $ 230 million fund Russian companies Hermitage art museum had been previously paid. These companies had been confiscated by using the documents that have been seized by the officers of the Ministry of the Interior for the purposes of this illegal refund.

Years, the tax office is also Moscow does not have 28, at the end of 2006, has approved the majority of the fraudulent tax refund $ 1.07 billion to finance investment and selenium securities fraud against Hermitage before. See Also instant payday lon . These two companies (Gazprom Renaissance Capital structure) that were owned by previous Rengaz.

New evidence of criminal charges today, in 2007, the tax office in Moscow is also 28 do not, became the sole shareholder, the application 4200 in refund fraud company little known, to Tekhprom director general, from Gulsina Akhmetshina shows that it has approved a $ million. In particular, the application, on behalf of financial investments, in 2006, approved by the tax office in Moscow before the age of 28 to No, was submitted Akhmetshina husband of his wife, by Gasim Akhemtshin. See Also instant payday loan 100 .

Approval of tax refund, the tax office in Moscow when granting 28 do not have, according to documents that have been cited in the application of today, by the staff of the office crime tax of Moscow Branch of the Ministry of the Interior relies on testing the validity of an applicant for a refund claim made. This is a branch Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Kuznetsov Artem adopted Magnitsky is involved as complicit in the theft of public funds and the subsequent theft of company funds Hermitage.

In the Russian Investigation Committee, and includes a criminal complaint that evidence has received a refund of $ 42 million in tax is not that it has been paid TekhProm submitted today. Refund to the TekhProm has been approved by the head 28 does not have a tax investigation Orugasutepanowa, of Moscow city.

The possession of them stated that in order to justify using a malformed document only be provided by itself 28 TekhProm does not have a tax investigation, the transaction refund has not been actively became clear was ignoring the documents from the third party. For example, tax investigation in Moscow, $ 12 million in value-added tax when you do not have the complete history of all taxpayers made it clear that it has paid thousands of dollars of only 28 suppliers without inspection tax of Moscow 28 VAT does not rely on statements from the supplier of TekhProm be paid was previously could not refund the amount had not been paid for that.

Refund from the company called OOO Onega 130 million rubles and TekhProm supply of goods, was made by using the document probably Orugasutepanowa. However, according to filings with its own Onega and the State Statistics Committee in Russia, sales of the company in 2007, it is less than rubles 5,000,000 amount that supplies TekhProm in order to justify a tax refund illegal perhaps was only 8,000,000 rubles were.

Relied on forged documents from Gulliver OOO worth of goods in the supply TekhProm 412 million rubles from another company called another supplier, based in the U.S. probably Sangurie, LLC and is also Stepanove Olga. But the deal is taking place before it, according to the application in the United States Corporate, LLC Sangurie year had been liquidated.

Finally, Stepanova He is a large range of consumer goods worth of rubles 650 000 000 (Millions of yen U.S. $ 263) is evidence that it was kept in a warehouse in square meters 1,700 located in the district Dmitrovsky of (probably square meter 40 MX 40 square) Moscow was carried out on the basis of a refund. However, say basic checks on their own disclosure documents of the warehouse, and it was used to store vegetables within the specified period of time.

"We, the tax office in Moscow will insist on a thorough investigation the role of former employees and current staff, tax and full transparency from 28 do not have," lawyer of Hermitage Capital has been mentioned in the filing of them. Check out also e payday solution .

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