The Franchise 500 S Top 10 Low Cost Franchises

In 1969, Arlene and husband at the time Jimukyabano Cave No, we have established Jani King, a commercial cleaning


. When the couple divorced in the mid-1990s, Jim has maintained control of the business. See Also pay day loan.

She uses the experience gained in Jani King, Arlene has started her own commercial cleaning business, a bonus building care. See Also installment loans online direct lenders . The company currently has helped the business to the entire South and Midwest.

Since the franchise:


At start-up cost:

$ 9000 - $ 15,000

Service Master, was founded in Wade in 1947, as Wenger & Associates. Check out also instant payday loans number . Marion Wade, he is left blind after the accident of chemistry, got the idea for his company temporarily in 1945.

Today, it is part of the franchise family AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service in Memphis, including Terminix, Furniture Medic, Merry and maid, of Tennessee, Inc. Check out also instant direct lender payday . Service Master. Service Master


It offers residential and commercial cleaning services and disaster recovery.

4940: the number of franchise

Since the franchise: 1952
$ 132,623 - $ 20,926 Cost: Startup

2010 rank: # 31

Vanguard Cleaning Systems, was founded in 1984, began to franchise the same year. See Also instant sms loans . Private company has headquarters in San Mateo, California. Merchant that has provided an account of about 1,000 commercial cleaning. Vanguard offers a master


Program franchise program and the first unit of experienced business people



1516: the number of franchise

Since the franchise: 1984
$ 38,100 - $ 8,125 Cost: Startup

2010 rank: # 30

Fez Ogbazion he will start the instant refund tax and service, were college students from Ethiopia in 1994. Their first tax season, his


Did a profit of more than 600 clients, reaching number ten of the final location. Ogbazion were sold and services tax refund immediately to Jackson Hewitt in 1999. In the year 2000, Ogbazion, move in Dayton, Ohio to benefit from the transaction of his business due to the Internal Revenue Service discovered the instant. By the year 2003, the Internal Revenue Service is instant, has 100 offices in several states, the company began franchising in 2004. Internal Revenue Service provides both instant online filing services and face-to-face, professional tax preparation, rapid refund, especially the refund anticipation loan.

1197: the number of franchise

Since 2004, the franchise
$ 89,000 - $ 39,000 Cost: Startup

2010 rank: # 29

While teaching a class Evanston, of traditional jazz dance of Illinois in 1969, incorporated dance to her students away from the mirror Judi Sheppard Missett is to move in order to provide aerobic exercise " was fun to start "a class for only. After moving to Southern California, she began training other instructors in the program of jazz gymnastics in 1977. Six years later, the company began franchising. Chief Executive Officer of Jazz gymnastics (CEO), she continues to teach a new dance routine of jazzercise classes and choreography every week now. Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA gymnastics jazz, in other countries more than 30 U. See Also instant cash weekend .S. and the participants of about 500,000 annually, have an instructor of more than 5,000 teaching the conditioning program of the whole body. Trained and jazz gymnastics instructor, and has been certified before they become franchise.

7854: the number of franchise

Since 1982, the franchise
$ 75,500 - $ 2980 Cost: Startup

2010 rank: # 18

The experience of a combination of those over 20 years of commercial cleaning industry executives, Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese, was established in 2004, Stratus Building Solutions.


It offers office building, a cleaning service - including the company's eco-friendly Stratus GreenClean program


Property, health care facilities, and schools.

2148: the number of franchise

Since the franchise: 2005
$ 57,750 - $ 3450 Cost: Startup

2010 rank: # 13

High school math teacher Toru Kumon in Japan son was suffering from second grade math, we have developed the Kumon method of learning more than 50 years ago. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division - was essential for high-level mathematics realization that there is a solid foundation of basic, Kumon is a mathematics worksheet for his son to work with after school has created a series. In daily practice, the son of Kumon has been able to expand the rule of his mathematical skills gradually, to solve the problem of differential equations and calculus by sixth graders.

Today, across North America, Kumon franchise, apply the progress at their own pace in math and reading skills of children of different methods and practice on this day.

26,311: the number of franchise

Since 1958, the franchise
$ 131,070 - $ 32,958 Cost: Startup

2010 rank: # 12

: No. 3 international professional franchise - Mon. Co., Ltd.

Jack La Point, January, Providence, Rhode Island, has established a professional in 1991. JAN-Pro provides both single-unit franchises and master, including the franchise next year, since has grown to more than 10,000 units of the United States and Canada.

JAN-Pro franchisees is to provide commercial cleaning services, a gym like this in business as a car dealer


, Church, school or office. Initiative "green cleaning" of the company has emphasized the use of cleaning products that require fewer chemicals to clean more than.

10,099: the number of franchise

Since 1992, the franchise
$ 50,405 - $ 3,145 Cost: Startup

2010 rank: # 11

As a student at the University of Oklahoma, Jimukyabano, I worked as an auditor of the night of hotel chains in 1968. He was an office building as long as usual, I noticed that there is a need for a cleaning service. He began


Provides a cleaning service by washing the building along with his friends by day and night. Within a year, Cavanaugh established Jani-King is, he began franchising in 1974.

Commercial cleaning service, Jani King, set the franchisee and the customer base, to charge the fee depending on the size of its first base. Check out also get free money online .

13,046: the number of franchise

Since the franchise: 1974
$ 35,050 - $ 11,400 Cost: Startup

# 8: 2010 Rank

4502: the number of franchise

Since the franchise: 1956
$ 84094 - $ 26427: at start-up cost
2010 rank: # 6

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