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Washington Mutual, Inc.
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Industry Finance and Insurance


  • Washington Mutual, Inc. Was closed by the banking subsidiary of OTS placed in the trustee of, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and, in September 2008, their assets were sold JP Morgan Chase part of the Chase Bank now operates as a former bank assets.
  • Washington Mutual Holding Company, Ltd. (the owner of the bank old), then the application of Article 11 of the federal bankruptcy law . See Also installment loans online us .
Was established 1889 [1]
Defunct 2009
Headquarters Seattle, Washington , USA
Key people Alan H. Fishman , chief executive officer (CEO)
Product Consumer Banking
Financial Services
Income 15.962 billion U.S. dollars the United States
Employee 49403
Parent Washington Mutual, Inc.
Subsidiary WaMu Investments, Inc., Washington Mutual Insurance Services; Washington Mutual Card Services
Website Wamu.com

Washington Mutual, Inc. ( OTC Market Group : WAMUQ is ), was abbreviated to WaMu savings bank holding company and the original owner of Washington Mutual Bank was, the United States 's largest savings and loan collapse in 2008, up. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

September 25, 2008 (Thursday), the U. Check out also instant approval payday advance net .S. Office of the Comptroller of thrift (OTS) is seized Washington Mutual Bank from Washington Mutual Inc., to put it trustee of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). OTS was action by the withdrawal of $ 16.4 billion in deposits 10 days to run the bank (which corresponds to 9% of the deposit will be held on June 30, 2008). [7] FDIC, the (claims of unsecured debt and stock to sale minus) of the subsidiary bank JP Morgan Chase JP Morgan Chase, plans to acquire as part of the plan of the western secret project nicknamed internally for $ 1.9 billion had been,. [8] [9] [10] at the end of 2009 all branches of WaMu has been rebranded as Chase branch. Check out also instant payday loans no emplo . Holding company, Washington Mutual Inc., the debt of $ 80 billion was left after it has been stripped of its banking subsidiary by (FDIC), and $ 330 billion in assets the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. [3] [4] [11] [12] the following day, September 26, Washington Mutual Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware in which it is incorporated. [4] [11]

Relative to the total assets under management closure and trustee, of Washington Mutual Bank is the largest bank failures , financial history in. Check out also quick approval loans. America [3] [4] in front of the action of the trustee, it is the sixth largest bank in the United States was. [13] According to the 2007 Washington Mutual Inc., the SEC was held assets worth $ 327.9 billion of filing, the holding company. [14]

On March 20, 2009, filed a lawsuit against the FDIC in Washington Mutual, Inc. United States District Court for the District of Columbia is about 130 for those claiming to be a very low sale price and seizure unreasonable to JP Morgan seeking damages of $ billion, Chase. JP Morgan Chase, Washington Mutual bankruptcy proceedings, filed a counterclaim in federal bankruptcy court in Delaware had been continued from the office of thrift supervision seizure of bank subsidiaries of the holding company as soon as possible. [15] [16]

[ edit business operations prior to the trustee of the bank]

Despite its name, the disappearance has been a Washington Mutual , mutual company , it is in 1983 when the demutualization became a publicly traded company .

As of June 30, 2008, in Branch, 2239 retail operating in the state of the 15 Bank of Washington Mutual and 4932, had total assets of $ 307 billion U.S. ATM are employees of 43,198, and personnel. It was held debt in the form of a deposit of $ 188.3 billion, $ 829 billion in capital suffered a Federal Home Loan Bank had $ 7.8 billion of subordinated debt, and. It is $ 534 billion in home equity line of credit at (HELOCs), "mortgage variable rate option" $ 529 billion U.S. dollars 118.9 billion of loans Detached them (option ARM) and $ 160 billion in subprime mortgage of $ 10. Check out also any tax loans sent to instant tax service.6 billion credit card receivables held as assets. It is $ 442.7 which was a bank loan and other services of up to $ 689.7 billion for itself and other banks. It had non-performing assets of $ 11.6 billion, including $ 30 billion in subprime mortgage loans and $ 3.23 billion in the arms of payment options. [17]

On September 15, 2008, the holding company, has received credit rating agencies through September 24, 2008 From that day on, Wham, experienced, and downgraded the execution of the bank 16.7 billion of customer deposits has led to the final by dollars, was withdrawn Thrift Supervision Agency is a, to close the bank . [12] [17]

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), including the secured debt after the sale of most of the assets and liabilities of the bank JP Morgan Chase for $ 1.9 billion and then. The request of the person of shares held by subsidiary banks, (all holding company that is owned by mainly) had not been acquired by JP Morgan Chase senior and subordinated debt. Check out also instant no check payday loans . [4] [18] [19]

[ edit history] [ edit mutual savings banks]

After, Washington Mutual, was founded as the National Association of Investment Building in Washington on September 25, 1889 Seattle fire of a great and destroyed (0.49 square kilometers) 120 acres of the central business district of Seattle. The newly formed company, made a first mortgage loans west coast on February 10, 1890. It has changed its name to Washington Savings & Loan Association on June 25, 1908. [20] at September 12, 1917, which was operating under the Washington Mutual Savings Bank name. [21] The company purchased the savings bank, on July 25, 1930 the first cross-continental company hardship, financially. See Also instant approval military loans. [20] was a "family friend" marketing slogan for much of its history.

[ edit demutualization growth of post]

In 1983, Washington Mutual bought the brokerage company and Murphy Favre, demutualization and conversion, the capital stock savings bank. In 1989, its assets had doubled. [20] In October 2005, Washington Mutual, previously "purchased sub-prime of credit card issuers " Providian strategy of the new management of Providian targets, has been in progress since 2001, consumer credit card Prime Minister but, for approximately $ 6.5 billion, therefore, non-performing loans portfolio of credit card unit, had been significantly improved prior to the sale of the company Wham. Check out also installments loans online . In March 2006, Washington Mutual, began to move into its new headquarters WaMu Center is located in, downtown Seattle . Previous headquarters, the company's Washington Mutual Tower , about a block away from the new building of Second Avenue is standing. In August 2006, Washington Mutual, on the law in situations where all began using the official abbreviation of WaMu.

[ edit acquisitions]

Since the acquisition of Murphy Fabre, WAM, we performed a number of acquisitions aimed at expanding the company. With the acquisition of companies such as PNC Mortgage WaMu became the third-largest mortgage lender by the U. Check out also online payday loans.S. acquisition, the financing of Homeside, Fleet Mortgage and Financial Corporation Providian In October 2005, WaMu is also, of the country was the ninth-largest credit card company.

Since demutualization, list the acquisition of Washington Mutual: [22]

  • Commercial Capital Bancorp, California, 2006
  • Providian Financial Corporation , California , 2005
  • Loan company HomeSide, Florida unit of National Australia Bank , the year 2002
  • Dime Bancorp Inc., New York , 2002
  • Fleet Mortgage Corp. , South Carolina , 2001
  • United Bank Ltd. , Texas , 2001
  • PNC Mortgage , Illinois , 2001
  • Alta Mortgage Trust , California, 2000
  • Financial stocks in Long Beach, California, 1999
  • Industrial Bank, California, 1998
  • HF Ahmanson & Co. (Home Savings of America), California, 1998
  • Great Western Bank , the year 1997
  • Financial Group, western United States, Utah , 1997
  • Keystone Holdings, Inc. (American Savings Bank), California, 1996
  • Federal Savings Bank of Utah, 1996
  • Western Bank, Oregon , 1996
  • Industrial Bank, Washington, 1995
  • Olympus Bank FSB, Utah, 1995
  • Summit Savings Bank, Washington, 1994
  • Federal Savings Bank of far west, Oregon, 1994
  • First Bank of the Pacific Ocean, Ontario, 1993
  • Pioneer Savings Bank, Washington, 1993
  • Northwest Bank, Washington, in 1992 the great
  • Sound Savings & Loan Association, Washington, 1991
  • Savings FSB Cross, Utah, 1991
  • Federal Savings Bank of Vancouver, Washington, 1991
  • Federal savings association in Williamsburg, Utah, 1990
  • Frontier Federal Savings Association, Washington, 1990
  • Old Stone Bank of Washington, FSB, Rhode Island , 1990

Many of the acquisition of Washington Mutual is now abused as a rapid post-merger integration has brought a large number of errors. Check out also instant tax refunds this year versus last year. Original purchase mortgage PNC came when the sub-prime loan "was a boom in the period ", PNC Financial Services believe that was the market is too volatile. Check out also instant loans . [Twenty-three] (PNC in 2009, re-enter the mortgage market through its later acquisition of National City Co. Check out also instant student loan ., Ltd. plans to re-enter the sub-prime lending,.) merger of Dimes is a beneficiary of the account resulted in ownership of the account to be split. Merger of Fleet Mortgage, as a result of the financing of the whole, is being service, could not be discovered by a customer service representative simply disappeared. [ citation needed ]

[ edit rise and fall times] [ edit "Wal-Mart of banking"]

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kerry Killinger is, had promised in 2003: [24]

We are hoping to do in this industry is Wal-Mart was to them, Starbucks was to them, at Costco, and they were in Lowe's - Home Depot, was in the industry. If we had to work, I think five years from now you'll call the bank we do not.

Was to build a WAM in the "Wal-Mart bank" will respond to low-and middle-class consumers to determine the target of Killinger, the other bank is too dangerous. Mortgage or credit card, bank complex, it has had the condition went on to easily obtain a loan for the borrower's credit strategy at least in large cities, including Los Angeles extended Chicago, and New York. Wham, the borrower's income and assets has been pressed the distributor to approve the loan while you are placing less emphasis. Wham, you can set the system to collect fees of more than $ 10,000 for a valid real estate agent bring to the borrower. Floating rate loans - option adjustable-rate mortgage ( option ARM in particular), - they carry a fee higher than other loans, to allow WaMu to book profits on interest payments that borrowers deferred, particularly attractive was. Wham, as had been selling a lot of loans to investors, it has to worry too much about the default. [6] [24]

[ edit loss of sub-prime]

In December 2007, Washington Mutual Bank, a subsidiary of the 336 home loan offices will close 160 to remove the position of its 2,600 staff of the home loan (reduced by 22%), reorganizing the department that home loan was. [25]

In the same weekend in March 2008, and it Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon has been negotiated acquisition , the Bear Stearns he urged them to consider a quick deal in secret, and executives of WAM, was dispatched to members of his team to Seattle to meet. See Also instant guaranteed payday loan . However, WaMu Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kerry Killinger is in stock, had rejected the offer of JP Morgan Chase & Co. with respect to the WAM mainly in the $ 8 share. [6] [24]

In April 2008, as a result of the years from 2007 to 2008, corresponding to a holding company sustained losses and difficulties, the subprime mortgage crisis , announced that 3,000 people lose their jobs companywide, the company has approximately 186 To close the remaining, only 23 such as loan processing center in Washington, home loan office, said the intent that stand in Bellevue, Washington . It has stopped buying loans from outside mortgage brokers - announced a $ 70 billion in new capital injection by new outside investors also Wham "wholesale lending" has been known as a trade, led by TPG Capital . TPG has agreed to pump $ 20 billion in Washington Mutual's holding company, other investors, including those of the owner of the current system of WAM, adding $ 5 billion of newly issued shares agreed to purchase. TPG is investing in, diluting the holdings of existing shareholders, we want to exclude the loss of housing loans from bonus of computing as an executive of WaMu, which has angered many investors. [26]

In June 2008, Kerry Killinger , but that remains, resigned as chairman of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) . [27] at September 08, 2008, under pressure from investors, the Board of Directors of the holding company for Washington Mutual's directors dismissed Kerry Killinger to as CEO. Alan H. Fishman , Chairman, of mortgage broker Meridian Capital Group and former Chief Operating Officer, Sovereign Bank , was appointed new CEO of Sun 17. [28]

[ edit attack by the (FDIC) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the OTS]

By mid-September 2008, closing stock price of Wham was as low as $ 2.00. It had been trading as high as $ 45 was worth more than $ 30.00 in September 2007, at one point in the previous year. [29] , but argue that it can stay independent publicly Wham, of the month earlier it had quietly hired Goldman Sachs to identify potential bid. However, the deadline for some, was passed without anyone sending a bid [13] At the same time, the WAM is extensive damage to run through the e-banking and mainly through the (internet money transfer [ [citation needed customers to pull out the $ 167 billion in deposits;]) span of 10 days. [30]

This LED is the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department in order to strengthen the pressure of the WAM for as an acquisition by, find a buyer the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is drain a significant insurance fund FDIC had received a heavy blow already The failure of it is possible that, IndyMac that year. FDIC will eventually held a secret auction of Washington Mutual Bank. Finally, (Thursday) morning, regulators, and notification (119 anniversary of the establishment of a coincidence WAM) May 25, nine JP Morgan Chase , it was the winner. [13]

(Immediately after the close of business on the west coast), on Thursday night the office of thrift supervision, the seized Washington Mutual Bank, put it in a trustee of the FDIC. The statement, OTS said WaMu has run large, to mean that there was no longer sound. [30] Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), as receiver, to all of its bank debt and mortgage debt, including a network of branches and $ 1.9 billion JP Morgan Chase & Co. sold the majority of the assets of Washington Mutual Bank. The transaction did not require insurance fund FDIC. [31] Typically, the bank's seizure occurs after the close of business on Friday. However, I felt that the attack had been imminent, the bank's worsening condition and leakage, the regulator is not forced to act early days. See Also free quick payday loan . [13]

JP Morgan Chase & Co., did not get (although it plans to issue $ 8.0 billion recapitalization of Bank common stock to JP Morgan Chase), or any of the obligations of the shares of Washington Mutual Bank. See Also urgent loans for people with bad credit online approval same day pay out south africa. As a result of the attack, the shareholders of WaMu has been nearly wiped out. Its stock price from $ 45 share, a decrease of $ 0. Check out also instance advance funds approval dept .16 in 2007 to share far. [29] in their Chapter 11 filing, WaMu has been described a debt of $ 80 billion and assets of $ 330 billion. (A reference Appendix). Shows that sufficient funds are available for distribution to unsecured creditors is also filing.

Days of the attack, Mike Stathis adviser and investment strategist of hedge funds, investment Analytics AVA will demonstrate evidence of insider trading, has issued a formal complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The complaint also was claimed to have conspired to Washington Mutual did not collapse, Wall Street firms and hedge funds to short some stocks. He also said he was talking to the AP reporter tells the reporter that it happens because, he said to him that the time executive of Washington Mutual is in contact with the front of the attack, " OTS also also FDIC, have disclosed the evidence of the collapse of Washington Mutual ever Stathis debate, criticism is later. "political reasons. [32] Stathis said, we filed a complaint of him, within a few weeks, he was visited by federal agents held him in the interrogation room for questioning. As a result, Stathis, said he felt until after a year and bullying, and compliance with SEC did not release to the public domain. Check out also instant cash loan direct . [33] [34]

At the moment, are fighting through the web site, such as shareholders, and how to account for the illegal seizure of Washington Mutual WaMuCoup.com and WaMuEquity.Org , OTS is arbitrary and capricious action in a way, politics They are not claiming to be unfairly low price and claimed to have seized the bank for the benefit of JP Morgan Chase and reasons, Chase has acquired a large network of branches. Claim that the shareholders, at the time of the acquisition date, the bank has sufficient liquidity to meet all obligations, and comply with the business plan negotiated with the OTS to two weeks before [35] of the holding company management is kept fully and the Board of Directors, Chase and government negotiations that are in the dark, interfere with the ability of banks to sell themselves on their own. Alan H. Fishman, CEO of (CEO) is flying from New York to Seattle on the day that the bank is closed, $ 11.6 million and $ 7.5 million sign-on after becoming CEO of the final 17 (He has been decreasing) has received a cash bonus and retirement. [36] Senator Maria Cantwell, the threatened and sought clarification from the government, and initiate an investigation [37] former shareholders of Washington Mutual threatened a lawsuit seeking compensation for value lost stock and its that. [35]

WaMu bank seizure of more than distant failure, bank failures led to the largest-ever U.S. financial continental state of Illinois , 1984. [13] [38] [39]

[ edit bankruptcy]

On September 26, 2008, Washington Mutual, Inc. See Also instant loans without jobs . Its subsidiaries, the rest of the investment corporation WMI application, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy . [40] Washington Mutual, Ltd., was promptly delisted from trading on the New York Stock Exchange via the start, the trading Pink Sheets . Bankruptcy, as well as the largest, was the second largest (by asset size) in the history of the United States of America Lehman Brothers has filed for bankruptcy in 11 days before Washington Mutual.

All assets, liabilities (deposits, including covered bonds and other secured debt,) was only part of the debt assumed by the Washington Mutual bank JP Morgan Chase, . [41] Under the agreement, JP Morgan Chase & Co., including $ 307 billion, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the assets acquired only from the (FDIC) for $ 1.9 billion in deposits in. $ 188 billion banking operations of all of the WAM [ 42] unsecured senior debt obligations, the bank is the most meaningful source of recovery, leaving the holders of these obligations, had not been assumed by the FDIC. Check out also instant cash 100 approval now . [41] On Friday, September 26, 2008, customers of Washington Mutual Bank, Washington Mutual deposits are currently held, became liabilities of JP Morgan Chase. Was informed of [43]

The IRS, Washington Mutual, and claimed $ 125 billion in tax back from the Corporation. The company has requested the company to pay what the tax liability, IRS indicates that there is a tax refund to the risk of loss of Washington Mutual Inc. filed in 2009, and was $ $ 20 billion, submitted the documents to the court on January 22. [44] by Washington Mutual, Inc. Washington Mutual has been published recently (trustee), of tax JP Morgan Chase & Co. See Also instant money refund anticipation loan. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and (FDIC),, of U.S. $ 570 million settlement between the refund, Inc. Washington Mutual, will be shared between the (FDIC) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Chase. See Also txt u loans. [45]

Washington Mutual Inc., was sued (FDIC) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for U.S. $ 13 billion after the sale of banking operations to JP Morgan Chase. [46] was taken, but belonging to the parent company of WMI lawyers claim, and did not get more than one subsidiary, and the fair value of the bank's bank.

JP Morgan, for illegal activities leading to the trustee of the bank, has been appealed to the shareholders of some of Texas. See Also installmentloansonline.us . Washington Mutual's attorney, has requested an investigation through the bankruptcy court in Delaware. See Also instant loan usa . [47] However, suddenly, was stopped by Washington Mutual's lawyers for some reason the discovery process at the end of December 2009, Weil, & Manges Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. See Also installment loans missouri ., Ltd. . Trustee of the United States presided over the "Equity Committee cited to establish the (EC) support, suddenly the case of an emergency situation " [48]

U.S. Department of Justice, on 11 January 2010 the United States trustee (a) under paragraph (1), District of Delaware, section 1102 of the Bankruptcy Act , appointed a committee of equity security holders to represent everyone of all shareholders (both priority to OTC Market Group : WAMPQ , OTC market group : WAMKQ and common stock). All motion to dissolve the committee of equity security holders has been refused on 28 January 2010 bankruptcy Judge Mary Walrath of the United States F , in the District of Delaware. [49] [50]

On July 20, 2010, the bankruptcy judge Mary Walrath has approved the movement of the EC of the examiner handed the victory for the shareholders, to investigate the potential legal claims and assets of WMI. As well as supervision, as part of the settlement, or its examiners to investigate rather than a legal settlement the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in the center of the reorganization of the WAM (FDIC), JP Morgan Chase and the only judge all claims and potential assets that are held by the company. See Also installment loans online poor credit . [51]

On July 26, 2010, Roberta A. De Angelis of Trustees of the United States, and McKenna experienced bankruptcy examiner to conduct the probe into the proposed settlement between the (FDIC) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WMI, and JP Morgan Chase & Co. the appointment of Joshua R. Long & Aldridge LLP partner hook. Hook, its practices, white-collar defense of individuals and companies, is a partner of McKenna Long & Aldridge Washington office to focus on compliance and internal investigations. [52]

On August 10, 2010, bankruptcy judge, the company is to obtain personal financial information from shareholders to request that you schedule the annual conference, has rejected the efforts of Washington Mutual Inc.. Lawyers for the EC said, WMI is simply by asking for personal information, and was trying to postpone the schedule of the general meeting of shareholders. The judge, WMI has agreed that the right to receive the information has not been. [53]

On November 1, 2010, Joshua R. Hochberg, the examiner has submitted a long-awaited report from McKenna Long & Aldridge his LLP, a report based on the work of an attorney-client confidentiality between interviews and oath I had, it did not meet the expectations of the court. 1212 [54]

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